Political Markaz - End of ISIS occupancy in Syria and Iraq

End of ISIS occupancy in Syria and Iraq

End of ISIS occupancy in Syria and Iraq

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The most important news that flashed out last week was the complete end of ISIS occupancy in both Syria and Iraq. It is not the end of ISIS but the areas on which ISIS had occupancy in Syria and Iraq has ended. The last area in Syria which was under ISIS control has also been taken back. ISIS is still there and some people got this misunderstanding that ISIS has been finished. ISIS is there but their occupation has ended. There is no area on Iraqi land which is under ISIS control. In Pakistan also ISIS is present almost everywhere like Lahore, Karachi, Peshawar, KPK but hidden and they will carry out guerilla operations. First what they did was that they occupied a big area of Syria and Iraq this occupation has been ended. ISIS is there but weak and does not possess that power which they had before. There were several reason behind their weakening. One reason was Russia coming in opposition to them; second reason was Turkey getting away from them. Turkey did a foolishness and they had a disgraceful role in formation of ISIS. When turkey saw its internal situation worsening, they even did a foolishness of bringing down Russian warplane then they had to forcibly repent and from the time Turkey stopped supporting ISIS they started to become weak. And the final stroke which ISIS got was from Hezbollah, Iran and those defenders of Haram, those martyrs. May Allah bless these martyrs, grant patience to their families who did this great work that they purified two nations from the filthy ISIS existence.

They are still remaining in a weak form and most of their fighters are killed. The policy of Hezbollah and those confronting ISIS did not had the policy of arresting them; instead their policy was to kill them. A big number amongst them have been killed, some escaped specifically from West; the Arab ISIS are still remaining and they are being moved to Afghanistan to take advantage from them in future. The second aspect of this is that it was not just ISIS which was present in Syria; there were other groups as well there who are still present and they still have some areas under their control. One such group is Jibhat ul Nusra , the Nusra Front which is a pure Takfirist group made by Saudi Arabia and supported by America. Then there is Syrian Liberation Army which is supported by America and they also have big areas under their control. Similarly there is a Kurd liberation army who are also supported by America and they also have a big area under their control. We have got freedom from ISIS occupancy but the other groups are still present. These other groups in majority are local Syrians. What happened now was decisive and Syrian army, Hezbollah, Iran have come under dominance and decisive position in Syria. It is possible that there might not be a war with other groups but negotiations. It is possible that they might be involved in government or something given to them.

At present complete freedom of Syria has not yet been achieved but ISIS has been ended. This is a big thing done by these crusaders, the leader who have saved the entire world from this big threat, the Sunnis, Shias have been protected. The war that would be decisive was the Syrian war and the one who wins this will dominate the entire Middle East region. At present the scale of Iran, Hezbollah is heavy but as the Supreme Leader said that Satan will not remain negligent they will do the mischief somewhere else; the way Bin Salman is doing the preparations. It is possible he might open some another front in some other country. They cannot do in Syria but apart from that they can do this somewhere else like Bahrain, Yemen or start some operations in some parts of Iran as they have got a brutal stroke and badly wounded. A wounded snake is more dangerous.

Iran by eradicating ISIS has insulted, humiliated Trump and ninety countries from Arabs, West, East and everywhere. There were more than fifty countries personnel in ISIS and other nations were supporting them, providing them means and even a country like Japan has given them war vehicles. Korea, Japan have all provided means to ISIS for trade purpose as they have nothing to do with the Ideology. The Japanese Minister was asked how come so many Japanese vehicles were seen with ISIS and they replied that we are not able to locate the reseller of these vehicles. This was a big stroke which Iran has given them. What has happened you can consider that along with an armed field war there is a psychological war as well and for this type of war this victory was decisive. The psychological war breaks the back and weakens the courage of all fronts. The moment the news of a defeat of this type comes the courage of the leaders, fighter, supporters, finances all break. When the candidate in election loses the election the supporters and voters break out except for Shia voters who are never lose courage  and  are  always  ready  to  vote  because  they consider defeat only as victory. This feeling is there everywhere when defeat is suffered then once again they start to gather forces with time. This is the grace of Allah that the way Allah has promised that Allah will give a small group success over big group has come true

ۗكَمْ مِنْ فِئَةٍ قَلِيلَةٍ غَلَبَتْ فِئَةً كَثِيرَةً بِإِذْنِ اللَّهِ

The believers should ascertain that this way Allah gives success to small group over big group. This has happened now in your era and you should at least now ascertain that the promises which Allah has given that he will give dominance to weak ones and small groups if they have faith on Allah’s promise. Allah will support them and this is the beginning in the entire Islamic world. There are many claimants of fighting against terrorism but the most successful operation against Terrorism is this only whereby two countries that came under control of a dreadful terrorist group got freedom. How? Who got them freedom? Hashad us Shabi, Defenders of Haram did this. They were not regular army men instead just ordinary normal people who got up on the call of Leader and Marjaiyat; got freedom for their country. We should ascertain that the promise of Allah comes true in every era but the condition is that you should have faith on it. This can repeat on any land and this is the beginning of that promise which Allah has made for the entire land. Allah’s promise is there for believers and the righteous servants that I will grant you Caliphate of this earth to you. God willing that day will come for sure and that nation will be fortunate who will prepare the grounds for it when the Savior will come who will end terrorism, Taghoot, arrogance, imperialism , tyranny, oppression from the entire globe and the standard of Wilayat will waive everywhere.

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