Political Markaz - End of Fitnah in Iran

End of Fitnah in Iran

End of Fitnah in Iran

Jan 05,2018 Comments Download

As regards to Iran; last week has been a distressful week in Iran. The people there on the basis of price inflation of commodities, which is said due to economic sanctions applied by USA; some of them protested with anti-government slogans and also slogans against sanctities. But day before yesterday on Wednesday; the same way like in 2009 the entire Iranian community came out on street for demonstrations to end the Fitnah; the same was done again now to end this Fitnah. I have been discussing about this subject since a long time; that the Iranian people will be bought under pressure and aroused against government. This weakness is there in Iran that the people get influenced with difficulties. They need more welfare and if there is shortfall they object. The sanctions are that tool which America understood late. By applying sanctions, restrictions they foiled the atomic plan of Iran. The Iranian community has proved that they get highly disturbed with sanctions and America also knows that it is with sanctions that they can inflict blow on Iran. If Iranians get affected by sanctions then America knows that this is the tool they should use. With sanctions, international cash flow stops, relations with other nations are cut off; the basic necessities don’t reach people and they face difficulties then rise against the government. Then whatever Trump and America wants the people start to do. This is the policy of America to keep people under economic pressure and then arouse them to stand against the government. This weakness is found in Iran that on one hand there are those who are not afraid of bullets, martyrdom, missiles and fighting in Iraq and Syria. Then there is another group of people who are afraid of scarcity of bread and they are the ones who make more noise and give more damage. But with all praises to God, just like before they got ashamed. On Wednesday the entire nation came out in support of Leader and the system; this way this entire Fitnah got eliminated. Ale Saud did a big investment for these riots in Iran. They wanted to move the battle inside Iran and wanted to teach Iran a lesson inside. The Arab media has raised these protests and riots a lot. There would be few people in protests, riots but media showed in big way. But Allah has defeated them again.

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