Political Markaz - Elections wrestling begins in Pakistan

Elections wrestling begins in Pakistan

Elections wrestling begins in Pakistan

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The other issue is related to the political situation in Pakistan. The central government of Pakistan has completed its tenure of five years and now there is an interim government which has to arrange for elections. The announcement for elections has been done for 25th July across the country and provinces after which new government would be formed. The month of June has become specifically for elections. There has been a lot of preparations done for these elections and these elections have come out with a new design unlike the past elections. The way the election activities have started is not a good omen for the country. As such for seventy years whenever there have been elections the situations become worst only. Even though the politicians make big claims but there is no sincerity in their claims which is proven during their tenure itself that they are thugs, mafia and get disgraced during their tenure itself. This means if the elections are done properly then also the outcome of these elections have not given any fruits till date and if filthiness is done in election then it makes it further worst which is being done for this election.

The Takfirist politics is being introduced for these elections and abuses and killing are the two best slogans for these elections. They are making full preparation to bring religion into politics. It has all been decided from before as to who will be got into power. The Pakistan people are happy that someone will win their votes but the fact it is all pre decided and those who are candidates they also say that everything is all pre-arranged from outside. In a collective manner the situation of elections which are there, and the results of elections which are going to come out is not a good omen for Pakistan. But those who are addicted with power, those who are thirsty for power and those who want to do looting through power are blind. For them there is no proximity to any religious, communal or national interests. They are only after political power, position and for that whatever they have to do, buy, become disgraced and humiliated they will do everything.

The way in Senate we have seen what drama and disgraceful trading was done. From today the past government that has gone has made everything expensive. Petrol, food items have been made expensive. Many things have been put on tax and they have left with a good gift for you all. The interim government is always without any authority and they cannot take any fundamental decision. They have to just maintain discipline and safety in the country so as to get the elections done. They cannot make any new policies, they cannot take decisions and cannot play any fundamental role for the country. They are just pawns who are selected to work on the directions of the power behind them else they have no authority. It is just a formality to make a government and even if they do not do this then also it would not make any difference because the bureaucracy will remain the same. The nation is run by bureaucracy only and hence it makes no difference whether elections take place or not. The atmosphere in the country has been made more sensational by media and the people who were already deprived were basic commodities, the month of Ramazan, scorching heat and without electricity, water. In Karachi political parties are protesting for drinking water which they are deprived from. The water tanker has become so expensive and their life is dependent on them. This is the actual ground situation of the people and on the other hand the political wrestling which these people are doing. The people, masses need sense, awareness and awakening because in this chaos the people have no benefits at all. Till the time this system prevails, it does not matter who wins and who comes to power as it won’t make any difference for the people. There is nothing in your favor, in fact the situation would be worst then before.

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