Political Markaz - Eid is not celebration it is pledge of Ummah

Eid is not celebration it is pledge of Ummah

Eid is not celebration it is pledge of Ummah

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The most important topic is the Eid after the month of Ramazan. Eid also has a philosophy which is very deep and precise. We have transformed Eid into a Fair. Our West oriented culture even writes Eid as a celebration. We celebrate everything, even Eid. The common press language uses these terms as celebration for everything. Eid is not a celebration and it has a deep philosophy which needs attentiveness on how the Eid should be. There are some outward etiquettes and some spiritual philosophy.

On the outward all the believers in one city should do one Eid. The gathering of Eid has more importance then even Friday prayers. Our deficient researched Fiqh has completely wiped off the philosophy of Eid. Certain Jurists have even given Fatwa that Friday Prayers are forbidden during occultation of Imam Mehdi (a.t.f.s) which is totally against Quran and Allah.

Quran has given a clear command that Friday is obligatory unconditionally that whenever Friday is established you should leave everything and rush towards it. There are no time or era limitations in it, and this is up to Qayamat. But in our conventional system of understanding religion certain important topics are presented in such a manner that its significance is lost. Amongst this one topic is Eid. As I have said before that if proper understanding and recognition of religion would have been done then we would have said that these acts, affairs are such which are conditional to the system of Wilayat. These are the rites which you cannot suspend, as they are obligatory but are linked to system of Wilayat. Then it is necessary to establish the system of Wilayat instead of suspending rites. Thus, establishing System of Wilayat is obligatory as you have left this you had to leave other obligations as well. 

This day of Eid is the day of Imam of Muslims. This does not mean to give gifts and greetings to Imam. This means there must be a pledge of Ummah with Imam and Imam should guide, counsel the Ummah and make them attentive towards their affairs and responsibilities. During the days of occultation, you are doing many things like earning, making homes, marrying and you have not suspending anything else expect religion. If this is the case then say that everything in life is suspended because Imam is in occultation. You are running your world but in religion you have given Fatwa of suspension. There is nothing suspended, and religion must continue. Eid is an important even which the believers should revive and there is no obstacle also in this. The believers in a city can gather in one place and this is possible and is happening in certain cities as well. This needs maturity and when we become mature and scholars can explain this to the people then this can happen. 

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