Political Markaz - Effects of Sanctions and internal elements in Iran

Effects of Sanctions and internal elements in Iran

Effects of Sanctions and internal elements in Iran

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The most anxious and disturbing situation is in Iran. The way Trump has expressed his enmity with Iran; he is hell bent and effective in his stand. He is trying to do everything possible against Iran. He has got Iran into a troublesome situation. Iran was already in difficulty and they signed a nuclear pact which Trump terminated and Iran has developed big difficulty in terms of economy. The currency of Iran has fallen down and Dollar has become strong. There are high restrictions imposed on Iran for trading internationally. Now he is threatening one by one every country dealing with Iran; those who have oil, gas trading with Iran. He is himself calling these countries. Now recently he has called Indian government asking them to stop buying oil from Iran. Indians are formally now looking for new oil market. They were getting cheap and free oil from Iran. From the long time there were sanctions on Iran and no one were buying oil from Iran, India and China were buying oil.

As I said before three countries are very unreliable; China, Russia and India. They are traders who are not concerned about the situation, circumstances in the world and they just look at their interest. They consider legitimate to earn money against anything. They can earn money against corpses, dead bodies. They make money from crisis. One good thing about all the three is that they spend and use the money for their national interests. They do not use it for personal interests. The calamity with Pakistan is that our rulers take personal gains out of global crisis; they do not do anything for the country. If they get an opportunity to do something somewhere they take personal gains from it. They will take Visa’s for themselves, their children or take some residence home in America or some other form of personal gain. They will get some facilities in England. In these elections there are 250 such persons contesting who are not Pakistani nationals, they don’t have Pakistan passports. They all take personal gains in the name of country but these three countries go for their national interests and to strengthen their country they can do anything. Like Trump and Russian President are going to meet in few days on the subject of Syria. To keep Iran under pressure, America is giving personal benefits to India, Russia and China as well.

Trump has said that till November finish all oil trades with Iran and this date of November has been set because they have said that we will not allow to enter its 40th year of Revolution. Though Iran has entered its 40th year of Revolution. They say that we will not allow it to complete its 40th year that is by 11th February they want to bring some big change in Iran. For this they have done abundant arrangements within Iran and also from outside as well they have put extreme pressure on Iran so that all countries should absolutely end all trading from Iran. When an active country gets disconnected then it gets affected. The first affect has been that their currency has fallen down and at present in open market one dollar is being sold at 9000 Toman. In Pakistan it has gone up to 125 PKR but in Iran one dollar is 9000 Toman. This is evident that you cannot buy necessary things from this kind of currency. You cannot buy meat, oil, onions and people cannot buy basic commodity. This is what they want that this much pressure should come on Iranians that they rise and rebel against the Iranian government.

There are such persons present inside the country who are working on the intentions of America and want such atmosphere to be created inside the country , whereby people rebel against the system and then they will support and cooperate from outside. This way before the year ends this revolution has to end. This has been dreamed by Trump and his predecessors has dreamt about this before but eventually this dream will turn into nightmare which will scare them only. Trump is seeing this nightmare and way this happened before, like the first President who saw this dream to end Iran was Jimmy carter who went out from his Presidency crying. Then after him Ronald Reagan came, then Clinton, Bush all came one by one, they all made their first objective to end revolution since 40 yrs. They all did humiliated planning’s but all of them got disgraced. Since trump is going beyond everyone he will get more disgraced. Since there are some difficulties within Iran. Their planning is that people will get under pressure, frustrated and they will come out on the streets. The people will come out for tomatoes, onions but others will join them and transform these protests, rallies against the regime. First they made Truck strikes, then Taxi strikes and one by one they are arousing various categories of people; that you have not got salaries, food etc.

The government also which is present now they have many weaknesses from various dimensions. This is an adulterated government of Roohani in which there are some loyalists to revolution and also liberal thinking people. The government policies are also not the way the Supreme Leader wants. When the world has boycotted us, then we should adopt such policies we should not bring difficulties on people. There are certain elements in the government who want the people to get into crisis. Hence they take certain steps either with laziness, delays or in such manner to make the situation more complicated. They are under severe pressure. It has gone to this extent that this discussion is triggered inside Iran that this current government should resign or suspended. And it is possible that this might happen due to these situations. Though President Roohani has said that I will not resign but if the situation worsens then he might have to resign. Under that situation if this Government gets suspended then the situation can become better and if some interim government comes and if some revolutionary people come and take control then this is not a big problem. This is because Iran has fought for eight years a big war under severe restrictions. The country that can fight for 8 yrs and win the war then for them this dollar rate is nothing. But the condition is that it should be similar people, who are united to save their religion and country. Such kind of persons were present at that time. The Baseej suffered all these hardships and now also if the same category gets born and take control. But the government right now has such elements who are not allowing things to change for better though there are some revolutionaries as well. It is possible that this government might not resign because as Supreme Leader has said that this government should solve these problems as it is their duty to do this. One command of the Leader was very apparent, that the government which spoils they will have to rectify. This means if this government wants to leave then also they will be stopped to first fix the issues. You have made these agreements, pacts so now you fix these problems as well. Thus there is a possibility that they will not be allowed to leave. It is not right that after spoiling everything you want to resign and go, so who will fix this damage.

On one hand Iran has superiority in the regional affairs due to which America has been heated up as it is affecting their interests in the region and on the other hand they have got this weak point from inside and preparing the people for a rebellion and creating an atmosphere for that. This is a very important news but it is not getting that much coverage internationally for which one reason is the Football world cup. The way in Pakistan when the situation worsens, a cricket match takes place. Similarly for some nations Football is the cure for all pains. They are trying a lot to get people out on the streets in Iran but they are not coming out because they are busy watching Football match. When this world cup ends then Iranian might come out on the street to protest and work on the planning. At present they are not getting that much success; As I said before that Iran has grown up to forty years in crisis and one who has grown up to this age within crisis then it cannot end so easily. This is a raw thinking of Trump and his advisors that so easily he can end this revolution.

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