Political Markaz - Effects of India Pakistan tension on both countries

Effects of India Pakistan tension on both countries

Effects of India Pakistan tension on both countries

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Effects of India Pakistan tension on both countries

In national issues, the top of the list issues which is there in headlines is the tension that started between India and Pakistan, which reached the jaws of war, then it subsided and now the effects are seen on both side, in India as well as Pakistan. In India the ruling government of BJP and all opposition parties have started a severe confrontation with each other.  As per a picture and news in which the BJP members are hitting each other with shoes inside the assembly. This is the effect of the atmosphere which is there.


In India there are elections after some time and the ruling party wants to remain in power and there is a big heat and abnormal atmosphere created inside India. This is the beauty of democracy that when the elections come, this drama starts. The most corrupt persons come out to contest elections and non-sensible people get trapped by them, give votes to them, get trapped and bear them for several years. This play repeats and neither the people change nor these criminals. 


India is the biggest democratic country whereas China though bigger in population but there is no democracy but still they have progressed so much without democracy. We should get Fatwa’s against China that without elections the country is so firm, stable, strong, progression and is taking over superpowers. There is no involvement of people in the forming of government. Our Mufti’s of democracy should turn towards China that they are not doing politics as per sharia and ask them to follow #democracy.


As Allama Iqbal has said that the democracy is that system which works with 200 donkeys. These 200 donkeys play with the people for 5 years and this does not happens in China. All this needs elaboration on what is this system of democracy, what social effects it has and it needs academic analysis. The biggest drug is of democracy. In the past communist would say religion is an opium but if we see democracy is a bigger opium than this, where all get addicted.


This tension was required by Indian ruling government to win the elections and it is going in India. But the effect is there on Pakistan as well. The effect which has been seen in news in Pakistan is a crackdown happening on suspended organizations. These organizations were banned at the time of Parvez Musharraf. But despite of the ban, they became stronger. These bans means that these organization should become nonexistent, but this only happened on paper but  practically it did not happen.


All the organizations which were banned are active in political field, terrorists and they are active against nation, state and government. There are around 60 to 70 small, big organizations which were banned. Amongst these some were armed battalions, who had weapons and they were doing operations inside the country as well outside. At that time Parvez Musharraf put restrictions on them. It is 20 years now but still these orgs despite of ban, remained, they changed their names and worked and remained active. They are banned but still participate in elections. You not even disqualified them from elections. They are considered as trustworthy and sincere because only such contest elections. These organizations were considered as trustworthy and sincere by our court and law, whereas the same law has banned them. This is a contradiction in state activity. They themselves banned an organization that they are illegitimate and their activities are anti election. But the election commission at the time of election gives them permission to contest and many won the elections as well. The past government was not trustworthy but terrorists are.


In 2014, one more legal action started which was the National Action Plan. The incident in Peshawar school took place and a big number of army children and staff were killed. This was the first incident which made the entire nation stand up against terrorism. Since 20 to 25 years before the same terrorism made rivers of blood run and all groups were affected and mainly Shias. But no action plan was made and no machinery became active.


Instead under government sponsorships these terrorists were made, they were killing, making the country instable but no plans were made by government and forces. This was the first time when an army school was attacked, the forces decided to stop terrorism and from that time there is a break that has come in terrorism. In that action plan also it was decided that the banned outfits would be terminated completely.  Their structure, leadership, dens, supporters should all be eradicated. But even then this was not done. The proof of this is today in 2019.


In the beginning of 2000 Parvez Musharraf banned them, in 2014 an action plan was made to be terminated. Now in 2019 again an operation is started against banned organization. Here the target is two organizations. In the past they used to do blind operations and as per their balanced policy in Pakistan whereby in order to maintain balance they would do operations against both oppressors and oppressed. They were arresting both terrorists and victims. They were shutting down the Madrassahs of terrorists and as well as those on which terrorism was done.


The two organizations that are targeted are Jaish e Mohammad and Jamaat ut Dawa which has been active in militancy in Kashmir. There is operation going against these jihadi organizations. As per news around 182 Madrassah’s belonging to these organizations have been taken over by government under their control. They have ousted the principles and chiefs of these Madrassah and government has placed their own personnel.


The government has taken over the custody of 34 schools of theirs. There are 5 hospitals which government has taken over from them. 163 dispensaries have been taken, 184 ambulance and 8 offices have been taken over as per yesterday’s news. The government has announced that the operation that is going on against these banned outfits is not under any foreign pressure but since the national action plan was made in 2014, so now the operation is being done in 2019. So you can see how quick they are operating on a law made in 2014. And they are saying that we don’t have any foreign pressure as if our rulers never accept the pressure from anyone. As if it is there in history that entire the past government nor the current accepts any foreign pressure.


As I mentioned in last Friday sermon that what is going on between India and Pakistan now, India has multiple objectives behind it. One element inside the ruling government wants to win elections using this situation. There are other groups who have nothing to do with elections; they purpose is to destroy Pakistan and to create issues inside Pakistan. And then in India there is one more group whose target is Muslims in India and not Pakistan. This category, group’s only enmity is Pakistan.


As I said that the operations which are going on in Pakistan to terminate banned outfits; was an outcome of the foolishness in Pakistan whereby these outfits were allowed to be made, they have nurtured, they were given grounds for extremism, the killers were released from prison. Like a famous terrorist of Lashkar e Janghvi, Malik Isaac who killed several Shias, he confessed in front of Judge that I have done this and will do more if I am released and the judge released him under benefit of doubt as witnesses were not complete. They took him out with garlands and Special Forces of Pakistan made him reach home and paid for his home expenses for several years and he was destroying national security for years.


The police were supporting and then at the end they killed him when this national action plan was made. There are roots of terrorism in Pakistan and sometimes they start actions against them. But whatever is happening now under the banner of national action plan, the reality is that all what is happening in this country is only under foreign pressure and delegations.


These terrorist outfits were made under foreign instruction. Bin Salman is a gangster and not a ruler, politicians who openly speaks that we will kill this, do this. Similarly on media he has said that West has told us several years to make a sect like Wahhabism. Bin Salman is the crown prince of Saudi and he is saying this by title that West has told us to make Wahhabi and this extremism is what West desired from us. Today west wants us to finish this, and want us to make a liberal Saudi which we will make now. 


In the past the Saudi rulers were diplomat and would not confess anything openly but since Bin Salman is not a politician but a gangster hence he said openly. He made the inauguration of Casino done by Imam E Kaaba and this Imam did gambling in Casino. Now dancing, drinking, and gambling is all done in Saudi at official level. Whatever Pakistan did was on foreign pressure.


Zia ul Haqq made forces under foreign desires and delegation. The foreign pressure was one from America, West and second was from the Arabs who have intervened in Pakistani politics openly. Why despite of they being banned, they were not touched, no cases were done on these orgs, their heads? This was because of foreign pressure. Those who made them; protected them also as it was their invested capital. Parvez Musharraf also declared them as banned on foreign pressure.


Now when the pressure came to allow them in elections, you allowed. Now when the pressure has come from India to sort out these two organizations you are doing this. India is sensitive about these two orgs and now when India put pressures they are cleansing them. The state apparatus is under pressure to cleanse them. To make such outfits was a foolishness and due to such policies that the country has become weak and global mockery is happening on us. On one side you are doing operations after twenty years of being banned and then you are saying that we are not under any foreign pressure. AS such all banned outfits should be finished irrespective of which sect they belong it. When law has declared them as banned, then you also ban them and not that you bring them in elections and parliament.


Since you have not taken any action against them before, but now doing this under pressure of India is not acceptable. If you want to finish them, then do them in reference to the constitution of Pakistan. If you are doing as per law then why you are doing this now when tension has started with India. After being banned for 20 yrs, you are starting operation and then saying we don’t have foreign pressure. This is a cheap act and status of Pakistan goes down. If you want to take any action, operation against banned outfits then don’t do it under foreign pressure. If they are criminals then you do it as per your norm.


The message which others have got is that to make Pakistan to do anything, bring them under pressure on border, economic pressure. If tomorrow some other country stands up and put restrictions, and demands to do something in Pakistan, then we will do it. If the banned outfits are declared by law, then we should do it for the sake of law and not under the pressure of foreign countries. You should do this as responsibility, religious duty but if you do under foreign pressure then you are opening a path.


The #SupremeLeader has mentioned this to the Iranian state that do not shut down your nuclear plants under foreign pressure because if you do this, they will not stop there, they will close your missiles. This is what happened. You went low in one place, they don’t allow you get up. They broke one agreement and now they are demanding that Iran should stop missile productions. They will put Pakistan under pressure and take us in a different direction. Pakistan is a power, but what rulers are doing is not the worth of a nation. We don’t see that resistance, perseverance in these rulers at all. They made 182 Madrasah’s, which means you allowed them, and now overnight you take 182 Madrassahs under your control, what message is going to the world? 


Who is putting pressure on Pakistan? India is putting less pressure but more pressure is coming from friend countries of Pakistan. Even today Adel Al Jubair, the representative of Bin Salman has come to Pakistan. This is the pressure on Pakistan. America is putting pressure on Pakistan. Ale Saud and Emirates is putting pressure on Pakistan. Emirates made a conference for OIC and invited the Indian FM and made her to give speech, where she condemned Pakistan. These are the friendly nations of Pakistan? 


There are more effects on both sides of this tension and this is ongoing and this issue will not end here. They have taken one step now, and this will go more forward. This operation will not end the issue and will go forward. The friendly nations are ready, and at the end one step they want Pakistan to take is that, India has demanded in global organizations to end the atomic weapons of Pakistan and America is also in this favor. The way they wiped off Libya. They want to end these atomic weapons of Iran and Pakistan. Their planning is that Bin Salman will buy these atomic weapons from Pakistan. He comes as customer. India puts pressure and Bin Salman has become a client showing them a middle path, that Pakistan should not destroy these weapons but sell it to Saudi. 


If our rulers love power, then they should also fulfill certain demands of being in power. You should then develop courage, bravery and perseverance also. You should also learn to look inside the eyes of world. When cowards like Parvez Musharraf come in power, who are commandoes but shiver from inside. Such persons destroy the worth of a nation. The Pakistan people are not incapable, the have the potential. You have seen that India is the third powerful air force in the world whereas Pakistan is a small air force. India attacked and the Pakistan Air force got their aircrafts down on border. This shows we have power and if they don’t come under pressure, and take right decisions, then we can do it. When dignity, honor gets lost then nothing remains. You have to preserve that dignity.  


One strange incident happened in Pakistan which is very interesting. Certain Ministers are such that the community vomits whenever they give any statement. They have removed one Minister, the Intelligence Minister of Punjab. This Minister has been insulting everyone and never refrained from this act but they never removed him. But now they ousted him because he has insulted Hindu community. The Hindu’s have cow sacred. There are many communities who have many animals that are sacred. This minister insulted the cow and those who consider cow as sacred. After their statement the Punjab government ousted him. If you had to remove him, then you should have done before but you did this now under Indian pressure. 


One more Minister has given a crazy, insane statement. He issued a statement, that after Allah, the next personality is Imran Khan. I don’t know what happened to the PM after listening to this praises. There was a protest done on this statement in National Assembly and in protest they recited Salaat ul Jamaat in Assembly. This happened first time in Assembly that too under protest. They demanded permission from the speaker in Assembly for protest and speaker did not allow them. Then they started Jamaat Salaat in protest. We don’t know even if the time for prayer was there or not. Whether they did Wudhu or not and they did this Salaat in protest to this Minister.  


One more interesting thing Pakistan has done is to establish relationship with Iran, they have send Railway Minister, Sheikh Rasheed to Iran as an Ambassador. The Foreign Minister is present in Pakistan but the railway minister has gone there. Though it is said that they want to start a Railway line for the pilgrims on the border. But he has gone with the message of PM and President. The day attacked took place in Pulwama, same day attack took place in Zahedan. The way India blamed Pakistan for the attack; Iran also put the blame on Pakistan government. The Iranians are also angry but they have not reacted like India. The situation is not good between Iran and Pakistan. In order to sort out they have picked up this character to represent them. This minister is very famous and I don’t know if Iran also has such a character who can talk in the same way and relations can become good. From here you can realize how much seriousness is there in our foreign policy.



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