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Economic Crisis in Pakistan

Economic Crisis in Pakistan

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Economic Crisis in Pakistan

 In national issue, the top of list is the same instability, political uncertainty, chaos, panic and disturbance which has always been there but sometimes it becomes extreme and at present that is ongoing where there is political instability, uncertainty which is affecting every division of country. It is evident when those governmental organizations who are running the country; they for the sake of power, personal interests clash with each other than nation, masses get forsaken. Then they tranquilize this in a very stupid manner. Whenever there is a political instability, they immediately arrange for a cricket match which soothes the community. It was there few days before that a musician’s brain was to be operated. He could not be made unconscious due to some risks, so for his tranquility they played music so that he got involved and they operated him, this was outside Pakistan. For Pakistani community the cure for every pain is cricket. When cricket is announced it means deep wounds has been inflicted or about to be inflicted. They send their teams or bring some other team. It is easy to pamper non serious people. This instability is effective on everyone and similarly these days more anxiety is being created about economy. I have been always saying one point which has now come as a witness on the tongues of the government.

I have said that that economy of Pakistan is destroyed to a dreadful level but no one discusses about this because no one cares for it. Their bank accounts, stomachs are full hence if the community economy is disturbed the rulers are not affected. Everything is to be suffered by the community, masses but this non serious community can be easily pampered. Eighteen hours power is not there but if cricket is going on the community will be pleased.

At present everyone is ringing danger bell. The Chief of Pakistan army has pointed towards economy and openly said this for the first time. He gave example that Soviet Union; Russia was the biggest power in the world, in terms of geography. Soviet Union even after division is still a big nation. The Army Chief said that the reason for Soviet Union being broken was not lack of forces but it was for lack of economy. They have taken up this subject now that our economy has come to this level.

The international finance groups have rang the danger bell and they have changed their policy towards Pakistan. Every country has an economic value and based on that global financial institutes gives them loans. It is for every individual or company like if you visit a shop to buy something and if you ask for credit, the shopkeepers give credit to some and not to others. This is based on the economic value of that person if he can pay back or not. If bank gives loan to someone they weigh his financial status. They don’t see the titles, names of persons and not by name or lineage they give loans. Everyone has a financial status and trading is done based on the value of that entity. These global institutes have devalued Pakistan and India has a big role in this in pursuing these institutes. They have seen how much export Pakistan is doing, how much they are buying, trading and that decides the economic policy and then do valuation. The situation of Pakistan has become such that international firms cannot deal with them anymore. The value of Pakistan economy will come down further and this is a bad news for us.

The reason for this are these politicians who are lavish people and in their lavishness they have got the nation inside the jaws of destruction. If some finance experts come and tell this to the community about what can happen and the upcoming days are destructive. In last few days the newspapers has published big conflicts between establishments and government. Whereby economy issue was raised for various purposes. But due to this raising of issue which government did not like this but due to this conflict certain things get exposed. This is because there is an effect, when the economic weakness of a country is exposed then foreign nations stop from investing in the country. At present only China is trying to support and do business in Pakistan but with this alarm others will stop.

The Pakistani labor which is working in Gulf countries was a big economical support for Pakistan. It was a big dependency for Pakistan whereby this labor was working outside and sending money to their families and home which has a national economical affect. The second effect is from those friend countries of Pakistan which are these Arab countries. The American think tank has dictated a new plan to modernize Saudi Arabia and they have changed their economic policies whereby they want to remove the expats and replace them with their own people to save their economy. The first thing they did was to get rid of Pakistani, similarly they are getting rid of Pakistani from UAE. The Qataris who have rented half of our country for hunting. But they are not giving work visa to Pakistani. Now gradually they will come out. As per Saudi Arab by 2030 no expats will remain there. The sources of job, work in our country is getting destroyed. The outside sources are getting diminished. The credit that was taken from outside is not being returned and interests are going up. Globally Pakistan will be declared as bankrupt. As India has said we will isolate Pakistan completely, fist they did diplomatically and now economically. But till the time Cricket is there we are not worried. They are now paying big money to foreign teams to come and play here. If they can spend same money on a power plant but cricket is the cure, ointment for the wounds of this nation. This is a very dangerous form of terrorism. The life of common man will be very difficult due to the effects of this economic crisis




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