Political Markaz - Dripping bloods of Shia’s from MBS jaws and claws

Dripping bloods of Shia’s from MBS jaws and claws

Dripping bloods of Shia’s from MBS jaws and claws

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Dripping bloods of Shia’s from MBS jaws and claws 

This filthy person who is been given such high guest protocol whereby 21 cannon salute will be given to him, 4 star Generals will go to receive him, the entire cabinet will go to receive him, the PM will drive his car, the Pakistan General Rahil Sharif has come in advance for his security from Saudi, 300 cars will be for their security, all hotels in ISB are booked and a historic guest is coming. 

Now with this scene I remember the 2018 elections. After the election results some political analysts came on social media and normal media also that their policy in elections was the defeat of the Saudi lobby of Nawaz Sharif. This is true also that the Sharif family had friendly relationship with Ale Saud and they supported each other. But in the last stage their relations got disturbed. As per one analysis, the way they have ousted the government of Nawaz Sharif, in an insulting manner because he disagreed to participate in Yemen war formally.

The parliament rejected the offer for Pakistan forces to formally participate in the Yemen war and some analysts say that this was the punishment given to Nawaz Sharif and his party. After the elections in 2018, some raised this slogan that Saudi lobby is defeated and many elderly personalities supported this slogan. So this was your defeat of Saudi lobby and victory of Anti Saudi party government who is doing this now?  

This killer has been defamed due to Khashoggi killing but in reality that blood that is dripping out of from his claws, jaws and that is of Shias. The blood of pure soul of Sheikh Nemr, the believers in Qatif whose land has been completely wiped off whose news did not come in media.

The entire world and its media gave importance to the killing of Jamal Khashoggi but the Pakistan media did not do that.  You can pay attention and see the slogans of the host government. Their slogans are of anti-corruption, targeting others and whom are they are calling? The one whom the entire world hates, dislikes, curses him, the one whom the world detests whom the world does not wants to come on their land. This filthy man is coming on their land and they are making such a filthy person sit on their head, serving him like peon. 

What all was considered as the dignity of Pakistan they are putting it in his feet just because he is coming with 20 billion $ which is also just promise of investing 20 billion $ and all problems of Pakistan will be solved and dams would be made. You all know that a defamed, filthy person is becoming a guest of a most unsuccessful government. They have both become need of each other. Two defamed persons want to wash their crimes. There will be a welcome. If this nation can get excited with Trump and accept him, then this nation was as such a fan of Saudi before. They have already done in the past everthing for them, so they will do now also. 

The plans which this person made of 41 countries, just for name sake and for his personally security he called Pakistan General, paid big salary to him and got forces from here to give him protection. What was his plans, politics and aims which Bin Salman openly expressed? If he was a politician he would not have exposed himself like this; he would have kept that secret. But he openly said, and announced a war openly against Shiite. There are many who have enmity with Shias, but MBS has announced war against Shiite and he has begun this war also. He is making all the forces for targeting Shias.  


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