Political Markaz - Dreadful Political Gamble in Pakistan Elections 2018

Dreadful Political Gamble in Pakistan Elections 2018

Dreadful Political Gamble in Pakistan Elections 2018

Jan 12,2018 Comments Download

In the national issues one of them is elections of 2018 which are overshadowing us and there are dreadful, dangerous preparations are being done through religious segments, unreasonable persons, new organization and new parties with persons without any political background will contest in elections. They have got religious and sanctitous people out in the field of politics. These people have high following on religious and sectarian grounds but have no political background. The real politicians even though they are corrupt but when there is a need or for some common interests they unite. This Qaid League in Pakistan was referred as Killer League by People’s party but later they did alliance. This always happens in elections whereby even when two enemies contest with each other in elections but after elections they ally with each other. This capacity is present in politics but in religious persons this is not there. A politician will accuse anther politician as corrupt, traitor etc. but will not declare his opponent as someone infidel and obligatory to be killed. But for non-political religious groups that have jumped into elections everyone becomes infidel and obligatory to be killed. One who does not cast a vote also they will declare them as someone to be killed. If this happened then you can imagine what chaos will happen. Those who have played this game do not have this consequential vision and they have played a big gamble and moving fast towards it. They are creating this dreadful atmosphere.

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