Political Markaz - Downfall of Ale Saud Royal family

Downfall of Ale Saud Royal family

Downfall of Ale Saud Royal family

Nov 24,2017 Comments Download

One more important news hitting the headlines daily is the downfall of Saudi Royal family. This insane, foolish Mohammad bin Salman who is dreaming about become an emperor of modern Saudi Arabia arrested several members of Saudi Royal family and punished them. It was there in the news today that he hanged them upside down inside the hotel in which he had besieged them. There were more than five hundred most effective persons from Royal family related to trade, business, and army, politics who were arrested and put inside jail. It was there in news that he has called American private Security force Black Water. Black water has been involved in Yemen; Iraq and for some time they were present in Pakistan as well. They are a more dreadful agency then ISIS whereby disgraced criminals are taken, trained and their attires, make ups are made dreadful and like a Hollywood film they carry out operations. Mohammad bin Salman has taken the services of Blackwater for torturing the princes who he arrested. They as a first step have made the Princes hang upside down in Hotel and this is the beginning and God willing very soon Mohammad bin Salman will also be hanging upside down in the same place. This is the beginning of the end of this accursed family which has started from inside. The way I said last week that all the Spider politics which he made have all failed. Both Trump and Mohammad bin Salman are haunted by Iran. They don’t talk about anything else other than Iran. They even scare their wives from Iran and their people, Arab world and the entire world that Iran is very dangerous. Bin Salman like a film cartoon has stepped in the ground who gets disgraced. You would have seen a cartoon by the name Pink Panther. Though that animal is very powerful but in that cartoon it is shown as very timid, weak and disgraced. This is a pink colored Leopard but most of the times get beaten by mouse, cat, fly and always gets humiliated. Bin Salman is a similar Pink Panther.

This Arab NATO which he has made has a conference few days from now. He has started military drills along with Pakistan and this is the preparation he is doing against Iran. He has made this Arab NATO in which only few countries have practically got involved and rest all he has paid money and kept them under alliance. He is trying to take all steps aginst Iran.

One step he has taken against Iran is in Lebanon. Since Lebanon is a strong base of Iran and hence in order to bash Iran in Lebanon through Israel he played this conspiracy. He made Saad Hariri to resign so that a crisis gets created in Lebanon and protests would start in Lebanon, which will be confronted by Hezbollah, Iran and then Israel will step inside and deal with Iran. But all this went against him and Saad Hariri himself has now gone against them. He has taken back his resignation and has met the Lebanese President. This card of bin Salman failed. He went after Qatar to isolate it; but it became more strong and closer to Iran though it has been always against Iran. He broke the Arab league also and now Oman., Qatar are openly against him. He called a gathering of Arab league and only the nominees of Bahrain, Saudi Araba yelled on Iran and rest nothing happened. Whatever step he took went against him and got disgraced. Now he is calling a conference on 26th for the Arab NATO in which Defense representatives of these nations will participate to make a war policy. These are his step which the entire world is attentive towards and are a sign that this family will get wiped off soon. People are now waiting for reactions from inside Saudi Arabia. The Wahhabi extremists, member of Royal family are all present in Saudi Arabia and the entire atmosphere of Saudi Arabia is under state of shock.

There is a question as to why no reaction has been seen till now? Neither the religious group spoke out, nor anyone from royal family, nor people or any other group. The Media is giving this impression that this silence is because of acceptance of Mohammad bin Salman by everyone. Media is telling that people are happy that this person has come for growth and prosperity of Saudi Arabia. This is not true. The reason is that Saudi Arabia and similar states are rental states which gives compensations to their people for reaming silent. They have made their people useless. There is no leader, opposition and nothing other than Royal family. Even the Royal family did not expect that a day will come when they will be hanged upside down. There are countries in which there are groups, oppositions which show immediate reaction if something happens from state. But in Saudi they were never prepared for this. Now they have started to think and do preparations and it takes time in such nations where there is no leader, opposition, media and no freedom. It takes time for different powers to ally and show reactions. There will be definite reactions from inside and outside Saudi also the foolishness which he is doing might end him before time. 

Iran has as such openly said that we don’t want this battle with Ale Saudi on any land. This is a wise politics that this war should not take place as it is highly destructive. But a time comes when war is imposed the way Saddam imposed then it has to be fought. It is certain that the first day of this war would be the last day for Ale Saud. This is amongst established fact. We can see the war ability of Ale Saud from Yemen. They are fighting in Yemen with supersonic warfare and in Yemen the weakest  people are there and in these years they could not even capture an inch from Yemen though they have ruined Yemen and in fact Yemenis have gone inside Saudi. Now the Yemenis are launching missiles inside Saudi. Hence when you cannot fight with the poorest people of Yemen living in deserts, barefoot then you are getting into a confrontation with such a powerful nation which has all war machinery. It is just a matter of yesterday that they have bashed you brutally in Iraq and Syria. They have rubbed your nose on ground and you are planning to fight with them? This is a foolishness and this happens when someone is in rush for his own destruction. God willing Allah will give salvation to all Muslims from their evils.

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