Political Markaz - Don’t sell your dignified nation

Don’t sell your dignified nation

Don’t sell your dignified nation

Feb 15,2019 Comments Download

If the economy of Pakistan is weak then adopt the right policy. This nation can take care of their economy if you give them opportunity. The Pakistan people are dignified, they are hardworking; they are educated and talented. The Pakistan community is providing services across the world, the best doctors, engineer, managers and in all categories are there in the world from Pakistan. Those who are in Pakistan they are also not less, they can also do all this here if you give them opportunity. They can do everything here. They can run the nation and make it also.  

Dignity, honor, respect are need of Pakistan, they don’t need dollars. When you sold Kashmir at a very cheap rate to a King by the Kashmiris. At that time Allama wrote this in this poem; “O the morning breeze, give my message to the UN”. They have sold the towns, cities, gardens, agriculture, streets. "Kaumi Faroghatn" wa che Arzan Faroghtan.

They sold the community, land and at what low price and in whose hands. In the hand of a killer, murderer who will solve your two days problem and what will he take in return. What will we lose, what will happen in Pakistan against this? When these Rials and dollars enter inside your bellies, then the turmoil that will it will create inside, what will happen then? They will purchase a helpless nation to give growth to Pakistan?  

The one who has openly said I do not negotiate with Iran because they believe in Imam Mahdi and they want Imamat to be implemented across the world, so I am at war with Imamat. That army which is being created to fight against Imam Mahdi, you want to be part of that. All religious schools apart from one in Pakistan all believe in Imam Mahdi. The Sunnis, Barelvi, Deobandi, Ahle Hadith all believe in Imam Mahdi. This person has announced that I have started war against Imam Mahdi is coming as your guest and Pakistan is doing preparation for his celebrations.  


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