Political Markaz - Disturbance politics by ruling government in Pakistan

Disturbance politics by ruling government in Pakistan

Disturbance politics by ruling government in Pakistan

Mar 22,2019 Comments Download

The politics that has stared due to the new government, which is special type of politics, which was present before as well but not with this much seriousness. That is the revenge politics, where the opposition and others have to face serious pressure. They are making cases just on the basis of some doubts, they will pick up some elder, speaker, politician and then keep him under custody for few months, then they release that nothing has been proven. They are both wrong things. They have looted the country, and why all this is happening is not clear. There are doubts, but we cannot confirm as to what is the real objective behind this. At times the opposition does such things, to disturb the ruling government. This same ruling party now in the last 5 yrs they did not allow that government to remain peaceful or run peacefully. Here is opposite whereby government is disturbing everthing, though they should be going in for a peaceful atmosphere, so they can solve the problems of the country and run the affairs of nation along with opposition.

This government arouses the opposition to rise. In Sindh , they picked up the Assembly speaker, and now they want to pick up the leadership of People’s Party, so that the Sindhis can speak out. They are taking all possible steps for some chaos, panic and riots should happen. Why such policies are from the government? The ruling government is always afraid of such policies. They are taking such steps, they will arrest but then leave that nothing has been proven. The Pakistanis are not so weak, that they will come out on street on someone’s call. They will only protest for getting bashed.  

The ministry has made Visa’s free for more than 100 countries and they can get visa on arrival. Some countries are such that they have to get visa but without fees. For others the government is showing mercy but for the people inside the country, the Finance minister has announced that inflation will go up very high and people will yell. You have to shout, yell and you should be ready for yelling and shouting. This politics you should see from political angle, is not at all seen in the benefit of nation and people. This could be damaging a lot and can create problems later. After long time we realize that these mistakes were done like Bangladesh broke up because of some mistake which we realized after 20 yrs. We should realize now on these politics, neither media nor anyone else having sense. 

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