Political Markaz - Dissolving of Kashmir state government begins new phase of tyranny

Dissolving of Kashmir state government begins new phase of tyranny

Dissolving of Kashmir state government begins new phase of tyranny

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One important incident that has happened in Kashmir. The government of BJP and PDP alliance has been dissolved and hence more ground of oppressions and tyranny has opened up. To some extent still there was some administrative structure present with a local party and central party of BJP which is the ruling Indian party. This government is not there now, and the aggression, atrocities that are going on in Kashmir will enhance. There is everyday killing going on in Kashmir. In Palestine Israel has given the policy name as “Iron fist” policy. They say we will reply with an iron fist to the Palestinian protests, slogans and everything. The same policy Indian administration has adopted to give an iron fist reply. The severity, torture has been done on the Kashmiris is a lot and this will be increase further. Now there is governor rule there and the central administration will take over. The Governor rule is like a semi martial law and this atmosphere is being created in Kashmir to crush Kashmir. They want to crush Kashmir and Palestine to such an extent that no one should take their name and end their generation.

The solution for Kashmir and Palestine is this only which some columnists have written, that the voice of Palestine will never stop, till the time last Palestinian is present, the voice will be raised. The way they have removed Palestinians who are living in tents now; they want to repeat the same with Kashmiri’s. The same issue is there for Kashmir as well, these oppressors have intended to finish the Kashmiri’s. But this Satanic conspiracy has been in history where such tyrants have come to annihilate Allah’s creation but they themselves have been destroyed and become lessons in history. This is the sign of their destruction. The way the Palestinians have started the encounter now and they have started the movement of returning to their home land. Inshallah this will end when the Palestinians will return to their land and on that day the Zionists will not get a place to live. The same will be repeated in Kashmir God willing that the Kashmiri’s will have to get their divine, human rights and they deserve their rights and with tyranny, aggression these rights cannot be absolved. Historically tyrants have come and gone but this struggle goes on and these tyrants have become lessons in the history.

The Islamic world has acted with hypocrisy with both Palestine and Kashmir. If this hypocrisy of Muslims was not there, then these painful wounds would not be there on the body of Islam. The day on which the Palestine was wounded, the same day Kashmir was also wounded. This is the seventy years of wound on both. Those tyrants, oppressors who inflicted these wounds are the Arab nations. Formally Bahrain has announced to establish diplomatic relationship with Israel. Bin Salman has announced to cooperate with Israel against Iran. The first treachery which was done through Jordan now again Jordan is into it.  This devil King of Jordan is in America and sitting in the feet of Trump. The way the first treachery was done by Egypt and they accepted Israel, then the next treachery was done by Jordan by the father of this King of Jordan. His father Shah Hussain has done treachery before and his son Abdullah has gone to complete that first treachery in the favor of Israel. These treacherous Arabs have inflicted big wounds on Islam and Allah will disgrace them all along with Trump and Britain.

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