Political Markaz - Disgraced and Defeated Arab nations

Disgraced and Defeated Arab nations

Disgraced and Defeated Arab nations

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In Yemen, the truce has been made related to Hudaydah port and the negotiations have started. Though the battle has not stopped and it looks like very clearly that all their plans that Iran should not interfere in Arab nations have foiled. Their impact and interference has come down in Arab nations. The map of Arab nations have been disturbed badly like Qatar was a rebellion from inside before but now they are openly coming in rebellion. At present for Arab politics Qatar has become a very important nation. They separated Qatar and announced war against it; they were not able to weaken Qatar and has become much stronger. They have increased their investments and they have offered Gas to Pakistan also the way Saudi has also offered.  Nations like Pakistan gets benefit when capitalists fight. Qatar has made a big offer to Pakistan and Saudi also wants to keep Pakistan with them. In Yemen also the situation has become certain that war cannot decide anything. What Saudi and its alliance thought that they will finish this with war has not happened. And specifically politics of Bin Salman got disgraced.

In the case of Jamal Khashoggi the American senate has passed a bill. Jamal Khashoggi  came in the hands of Turkey but Turkey could not play it the way Erdogan wanted. He could not play his card well. All the atmosphere which Erdogan created but Trump took away all the benefits. He made severe atmosphere aginst Saudi and Turkey did not get any fruits out of it. Turkey has not left their hands loose and its impact is increasing on Arabs. Iran and turkey are coming close. On the other hand America also wants to soften the issue with Turkey and America does not wants Turkey to become part of Russian NATO. America is sensitive about Turkey’s relationship with Iran, but they are increasing. Turkey is using all the cards of Iran. Qatar, Russia to take benefits from America. Wherever Turkey gets a chance to take advantage of any weakness of America, it jumps outside. Iran also needs Turkey and Turkey also needs Iran because Iran is that card for which Trump is ready to offer anything for the sake of breaking relationship with Iran. If the government ask anything from trump which can be used against Iran, Trump will do that.  What Trump wanted to do with Iran has not happened, his plans failed. Iran has recovered to large extent, they have come out of the economic crisis and practically Iran has proved that the sanctions were ineffective.

America has also announced that our biggest enemy is China and not Russia. Actual preparation of Trump as I said before was China and all other small fronts were opened as means. In this war Pakistan is in tough situation, as it has to take care of both. Pakistan cannot fight with America on behalf of China as well as with China. The war has started in cold form and we need wisdom to handle this. Trump has gone to Argentina and said that we have made trade agreement with China but then he came back and said China is our biggest enemy. This war will go on and Pakistan has to make plans from now only and not at 48 hrs. notice decide this. The rulers should make policies that are in favor of Pakistan. As the PM said that we will not fight rented war for anyone. We should remain firm on this and call back our forces from Saudi as PM has said we will not fight the rental war and prove our PM words true.

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