Political Markaz - Devilish plans of Trump for Iran’s Islamic System

Devilish plans of Trump for Iran’s Islamic System

Devilish plans of Trump for Iran’s Islamic System

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The other issue that is ongoing is the America Iran relation. The situation that is now is the most important news of the world. The American President as per his arrogant, imperialistic behavior which as Quran says that these polytheists are not abided to any covenant, pledge. They have no covenants which they abide with. In some verses it is said they say that believers have no rights on us to tell us anything, we have rights on them. This person everyday insults the believers, Muslims. Sometimes he imposes restrictions on Muslims entering USA, sometimes he calls them beasts, he abuses them and he himself is a lustful, beastly, lowly person. There are scandals of lustful, filthy relationships against him in American courts. The American families, people are witness on the beastly nature of this person. All his lowly acts have been printed in books and published also but they are so dirty that we cannot even discuss about his filthy acts. This devilish community has selected this devil leader who is spreading evils across the world. He has eyes on the wives, women of every staff in his office. In that book all that is given on the wives of which staff he has illegitimate relationship. He has relationship with prostitutes, licentious women and he has given them money to not speak out. He has more than this dirty, abased acts which he does.

This person has come in politics to become the leader of global politics and he is doing aggression on various countries. His target is Muslims and amongst Muslims also Shiite. Since the centralization of Shiite is in Iran where the System of Wilayat is established. Now he has abused the past American Presidents and questioned that how they given forty years opportunity to Iran. He has promised that i will not allow the Iranian revolution to complete its forty years. The Islamic revolution of Iran is in its fortieth year which will be completed in February 2019 and he has pledged that he will not allow that to happen. He has kept three persons in his cabinet whose objective is only hatred towards Iran. One is John Bolton who is Trump’s chief security advisor. The one is the ex-chief of CIA, Mike Pompeo whom he has made the Secretary of State. The third one is the lady whom he has made the chief of CIA. Gina Haspel is also a licentious woman. The way Bush selected the most beastly persons in his cabinet like Condelliza Rice, Dick Cheney; Trump has made a filthy persons cabinet.

They have made the plan that we will not allow Iran to enter its forty years of revolution. They have aligned the filthy Arab puppet rulers also of Saudi, Emirates and Bahrain. The agreement which they had signed for nuclear he has cancelled that. Obama did an agreement and the next President came and cancelled it. This is a big shame at a global level that a country is not abided by its international agreements. He has boldly cancelled the agreement and is pressurizing the rest of the world to cancel the agreement. His state secretary has threatened that we are going to impose the toughest sanctions on Iran. They already have tough sanctions on Iran but with these statements they are creating an atmosphere of rebellion in Iran. The Iranian people should get frustrated, they are threatening sometimes with war, putting restrictions on them, so that the people come out on rebellion and they should stand against their own government and system. They will do protests, strikes, rebellion and then government will arrest them, the global power will get involved is their planning. For planning inside the country the Arab money is being distributed inside the country. From the other hand they are threatening to put restriction though the restrictions are already in place. The have already put restrictions and still threatening that we will put restrictions.

This is the same scenario which took place in 2009. In 2009 a dangerous activity started whereby some name sake revolutionaries were involved in that and till now also they are part of this treachery. These people for the sake of power. The power hungry people are the most dangerous. America gathered these power hungry people; the way in Pakistan some people have gone crazy, mad to come into power. They are ready to do anything for the sake of coming into power. Certain parties are aligning with establishments, other parties and they are doing everything lowly they can do to come into power. They have become blind, abased and when such disgraced persons come into power they demonstrate a lot of filthiness. When the lustful people, intoxicated and hungry for power when they come to power they demonstrate such humiliation that people remember the previous one.

There is a dirty joke also about a person who would rob shrouds’ from graves. When anyone would die he would go to the grave at night and steal shrouds. He was a much defamed person in the society and when he was about to die, he taught his son how to dig grave and steal shroud. He told his son that bring my reputation up. The son promised that I will do that. The son after him would steal the shroud and also do sacrilege of the dead body. The father was only stealing shroud and son was doing sacrilege also. Now the people started to say that his father was good. This is the situation of Pakistani that they will like the shroud robber when one who does sacrilege of dead body also comes. Ameerul Momineen (a.s) says that when a lowly, disgraced person come in power he becomes more disgraced and tyrant. When a cursed person comes in power he does disgraceful acts. When an honored person comes in power he becomes more honored. He does not uses power for the sake of his personal interest. The people who are being planned are historical hungry persons and they have to compensate for the past seven generations also and then Pakistani will remember the shroud robbers that they were better and were at least not doing any sacrilege.

They have put restrictions and there were people in Iran who were power hungry from the beginning. One of them was late Hashmi Rafsanjani and his funeral pray was led by the Supreme leader which was historic. There was a plan to create a big sedition on his funeral which Supreme Leader foiled their plans. They wanted to turn his funeral into a big movement against Wilayat e Faqeeh and start a big panic in Tehran, they will gather people around the funeral and from there they will turn the regime down. The Supreme Leader led this funeral and that too historic in the sense on what he recited.

In the funeral Salaat there are certain recitations which are generally Shahada and then in the last Takbeer there is a supplication.


O Allah, indeed this is Your servant, son of Your servant and son of Your maidservant.

nazalabika wa anta khayrumanzoolinbihi

He has come to you and You are the best of the hosts.


O Allah, we only know goodness from him and have not seen any evil from him. We have always seen goodness from him is what this sentence means. Then after this the next sentence is

inkaanamoh’sinan fa zid fi ih’saanihi wa in kaanamusi-an wa mudhnibanfatajaawaza’nsayyaatihi

 If he had been a doer of good, increase his good deeds and if he had been a sinner and an evil-doer, forgive his sins.

These sentences are the soul of the funeral prayers. The Leader of the Islamic revolution, the global Jurist did not recite these three sentences in the prayers. This means Rahbar did not recite that we have not seen anything other than goodness from him. If we were there we would have recited this. We don’t care whether the person is an adulterer, criminal, alcoholic and just recite that we have not seen anything other than goodness from him. A sinner, criminal dies and the Imam e Jumah recites this sentence that I have not seen anything other than goodness from him. They know that he was an adulterer and alcoholic. You have seen evils from him and not seen any goodness, but still we recite this as it is recommended. The Leader did not recite this for him. He also did not recite that; if he had been a doer of good, increase his good deeds. It was not that he has forgotten. It was the Leader reciting the prayer that too for such an important personality. There were scholars behind him and they also did not remind him. First of all this was not a mistake, it was because Rafsanjani always wanted to be in power. He always thought that being in power is my birth right and I would die on power. In order to come in power he did one wrong thing; that he gave signal to the devils. The Iranians are not afraid of war, they are not afraid of martyrdom and death. He gave them the signal that do not fight with Iranians instead apply sanctions, restrictions on them. If there are restrictions they will die of hunger, there will be starvation and they will come out in rebellion. From that time the restrictions were increased and made severe. Than these restrictions showed its effect. They succumbed to the pressure which was seen in the nuclear agreement. They realized that sanctions are effective and with this weapon the Iranians can be defeated. Hence they have broken this agreement and have again reverted back to sanctions.

This Secretary of State has kept ten demands. One of them is that Iran should end all their manufacturing of warfare weapons. They should not intervene in other countries. They should come out of Syria, Lebanon, Yemen and they should not intervene in Arab nations. They should not support Palestinians and not go against the interests of America. The system of Wilayat e Faqeeh should end and they have also said all the prisoners of America should be released. Then we will not apply sanctions. They have thrown the feed aginst the Iranian community. They are telling that you will starve now and you will get bread only under the condition when you will end this system of Wilayat of Faqeeh and this revolution. This is an insult of the nation and this deserves a reply. The historic reply which is required and which this nation has given also before that everyone gets united under the command of the Leader. All groups, politicians, Hauza should unite and do this. They are creating a global consensus against Iran. He has said also that we will lobby the entire world against Iran. The Europeans are acting differently now but later they will also join America though not done till now. Then China and Russia are supporters of Iran but they are also personal interested but if America gives them some benefits they will also get sold. The only path is the nation should show perseverance and God willing they will be victorious. In last forty years whatever plans the America did they got disgraced and God willing since their planning is bigger now they will get more disgraced this time. There is no doubt in it.

The Supreme Leader two days back called the government officers and gave them the last guidance on what stance you have to adopt and very precise and straight instructions he has given the way a revolutionary leader does. The Iranian President is known to be a diplomat. He has done the negotiations for Iran Iraq peace, the nuclear deal he has negotiated. He also feels proud that he is an expert diplomat of the world. But at the end every haughty one faces disgrace. He beat the drums a lot that I have done the negations with America and have done compromise with global powers. He was giving lessons to the entire world that you should learn diplomacy from me and you can solve your problems but Trump came and spoiled his name. It is apparent when you do any treaties with devils, then trusting them is raw thinking.

The Supreme Leader has said that I am revolutionary and not a diplomat. I am not one of negotiators. The same I was before against Shah, Saddam, America, Israel and now also I am the same leader. This revolution, Islamic system, Ummah and Wilayat-e-Faqeeh can be saved only through revolutionary acts and hence the leader issued his revolutionary guidance. He has confined everyone on these guidance. God willing in this era also all the believers will get this divine good news whereas first the disciples of this devil in Middle East will be disgraced, destroyed and then this big devil will also get humiliated. Allah will get liberation for Qod’s from this crusader and those devils who want to make Qod’s as the capital will get disgraced. This is the promise of Allah and as the Supreme Leader said this promise has conditions and that condition is that the believers should also prove their covenant with Allah.

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