Political Markaz - Deprivation of communities in PK – Tool for enemies

Deprivation of communities in PK – Tool for enemies

Deprivation of communities in PK – Tool for enemies

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In Waziristan the danger bells which were ringing since long time that a group has been developed there who are fighting for the rights of Pushtoon. They have raised their voices against establishments that they are not getting their rights, and many have pointed towards that this is a dangerous activity that has started. This act has now become practical and there are armed movements that has started against the army. In this instability and dangers hovering in the region than this is a new danger that has cropped up.

Why this has started? This is because this group is not getting enough coverage hence, they are using social media and on social media there is no authenticity of information. But there is one thing clear that in Pakistan there is one act of wisdom they do from the time of formation of Pakistan and with all parties that have come. One thing common which all have done is that they have deprived certain areas extremely and developed the sense of deprivation for them and this becomes a weapon for others who are enemies of Pakistan. This sense of deprivation is not there only in Pushtoon, it is in many communities like Baluchistan, Gilgit Baltistan and even in religious minorities and even in the second majority that is Shiite.

ince the government behavior towards them is such that they get deprived and this develops sense of deprivation and anyone can take benefit of it. Like the Modi government can take advantage of this deprivation in Baluchistan and in Pushtoon, Afghanistan and India also present in Afghanistan can fuel this sense of deprivation in them.

Enemies take advantage of this hatred. Why they are not considered Pakistani and their rights are not given. If you make people missing from any community then will that community be happy with you? They will pray for you. Why should the government abduct people when they have power, court, judiciary? They can arrest anyone who has done some crime, run cases on them and give punishment.

But when you abduct people from their homes, then this makes the communities rise in rebellion. This is a severe danger that is rising in Pakistan and may Allah protect the country from this crisis. The elites of the government should end this deprivation which communities and enemies will also fail in their infiltration and will not be able to use these communities as weapons. 

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