Political Markaz - Delivering the rights of Imam Hassan (a.s)

Delivering the rights of Imam Hassan (a.s)

Delivering the rights of Imam Hassan (a.s)

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In other events, which passed last week was the Wiladat of Imam Hassan (a.s) on 15th Ramazan. We express our greetings and felicitations on this auspicious occasion. All these events related to Imams are generally spent by the believers in a customary manner but the real philosophy of these days is the actual topic of Imamat which should be revived. The believers should be attentive towards this that whatever happened in the era of Imam Hassan (a.s) is a very important chapter in history. The complete analysis of the situations is necessary for believers so that we can use that era as a mirror and see where we are standing. In the era of Imam Hassan (a.s) there were various groups in the Ummah and we have to assess to which group we belong to. At present people claim and wherever they were not expected to submit but if they submit they give it the name of Sulh-e- Imam Hassan (a.s). If we would have understood the reality of the Sulh of Imam Hassan (a.s) then this insult would not have been done whereby man would have referenced all such acts to Imam Hassan (a.s). This is all because the reality of the Sulh of Imam Hassan (a.s) has not been opened up, the curtain have not been lifted and we have not delivered the rights of Imam Hassan (a.s) and he is oppressed. He lived oppressed, he died oppressed and even martyrdom, his funeral took place in an oppressed manner. Even till date the oppression of Imam Hassan (a.s) is ongoing because the rights of Imam Hassan (a.s) has not been delivered by elders, people and Ummah. That Imam who was an Imam of resistance we have turned him into an Imam of defeat, peace, compromise. We have made this as a Seerah of Imam Hassan (a.s), follow that and think that we are close to Imam Hassan (a.s). There is no difference between Imam Hassan (a.s) and Imam Hussain (a.s). They are both similar Imams possessing the same Seerah. The actual topic is Imamat and that Imamat which in the era of Imam Hassan (a.s) due to the betrayal of Ummah became suspended and till today it has continued to be suspended. The believers did not return back towards it to compensate for that loss. Instead they considered that decision as best and agreed that Imamat should remain with others and we don’t need that. The rights of Imam Hassan (a.s) would be delivered on that day when the rights of Imamat are returned from the hands of children of Muwaiya to the children of Imam Hassan (a.s). As I mentioned in the last night lecture; when Islam came the Jahalah ended but there were still certain layers below in which Jahalah was present

In the era of Jahalah the governance in Mecca was of Banu; Banu Umayyah, Banu Makhzoom, Banu so and so. Then Allah ended that system of tribalism and established the divine government of Holy Prophet (s.a.w.s). That system went on and then after few decades again the Banu came into power as Banu Umayyah and Banu Abbas. The same Jahalah returned back again. When would be the rights of Quran, religion, Prophet, Imam would be delivered? In the middle of Ramazan there are celebrations for the birth anniversary of Imam Hassan (a.s) and in the last ten days of Ramazan there is a grief of Imam Ali (a.s). We should just clap for one and beat our chest for other? For Imam Hassan (a.s) we should just clap and for Imam Ali (a.s) we should beat our chest and please them. Is this so simple? Neither Imam Hassan (a.s) is pleased with these clapping neither is Imam Ali (A.s) pleased with this chest beating; till the time Imamat does not returns to actual deserving position they are both unpleased. Till the time the Ummah does not comes under the shadow of Imamat. Till the time children of Ali do not come on the positon of Imamat. Imamat means governance and issuing commands to people. The meaning of Imamat is not that Sufi Imamat, where the Imam blows on persons, does supplication.

The Imamat which Allah has made is with Wilayat, that is authority of Ummah has been given to you and till the time this authority lies with Taghoots the Imams are not happy, pleased with clappings and grief. Imamat becomes alive with governance and the rights of Imamat gets delivered only when Imam comes in this position of governance. The rights of neither Imams get delivered this way and specifically the rights of our Imam of Age (a.t.f.s) whose era of Imamat is ongoing but since 1200 yrs his Imamat has not been established on earth. He is in the state of waiting; to end this state and transforming it into reappearance, establishing the system of Imamat is the actual duty of the Ummah. During these days and occasions related to Imams, the believers should get attentive and be reminded about this aspect. May Allah in this month with the grace of Quran grant this opportunity to all of us for becoming attentive towards the system of Imamat and become eligible to deliver the rights of Imam and Imamat.

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