Political Markaz - Deira Ismael Khan insecure for believers

Deira Ismael Khan insecure for believers

Deira Ismael Khan insecure for believers

Feb 16,2018 Comments Download

In national issues, there have been continuous difficulties faced by believers in Deira Ismael khan whereby in last few months several believers have been martyred and there is high insecurity there whereas the central and regional government are playing the role of just spectators. The believers are under extreme pressure; many are missing, arrested and some have left their homes and moved to other cities. Those who are present there are insecure. In this situation that group which is giving Fitnah’s have been given freedom and this city has been handed over to terrorists. They have made everything of believers legitimate for these terrorists and they are doing whatever they want to do. We pray to Allah for giving these martyrs high degree and count them amongst the martyrs of Karbala and grant patience to their families. And for the sake of the blood of these martyrs may Allah destroy this terrorism.

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