Political Markaz - Defense of Wilayat from MI6 Shiite – Mega Public Program on 18th August

Defense of Wilayat from MI6 Shiite – Mega Public Program on 18th August

Defense of Wilayat from MI6 Shiite – Mega Public Program on 18th August

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Then after that is Gadeer which is a big event and there are celebration programs everywhere and it takes places in our Jamia as well. This year with the situation related to Shiite which has been created for Shiite and they do Takfir against Shia. Then there is a group within Shiite there is insult, sacrilege of Leader, Marajae, sacred things, denial of Salat, Fiqh, Khums and this is not a national issue of Pakistan but instead the way Supreme Leader has mentioned that MI6 has designed a new Shiite for this era and they are raising this sedition. Since this is a sedition against the community and it is the community who can only defeat this , so we can say that there is a big community program in Lahore on 18th August and all believers are involved in this and there is no specific personality in this, it is being done by the entire community. We also request the entire community to participate in this in all aspects for contribution, participation and since this community program the entire community should participate with all their efforts in this with all communal means. Whatever whoever possesses should bring that use. They should deliver this responsibility, as this is Amr Bil Maroof and Nahi Anal Munkar, the defense of Shiite also and protecting the Shiite. If we just sit on social media only then the way Baqee has been ruined Shiite will also get ruined.

They have made specific plans for Shiite in Pakistan and hence the entire community should participate in this passionately. Every person should consider himself as a host, invite others also and whatever means are required as well for this program, they should contribute that as well. As an example, when we were making this Jamia, some believers have taken this burden that we will do this, hence we did not plead to community for any resources. Those believers delivered their duty and have been doing it. During this period there was a truck driver who used to bring bricks here for construction. It was extremely hot and temperature was high, humidity was high and even breathing was a problem. Since it was his job, he was running around to bring the bricks. He did not know what is being made. He asked other labor as to what is being made. The labor said I also don’t know but looks like a Shia madrasa is being made. He was sweating, with dirty clothes he came to me, I was standing outside in the work, he removed 200 Rs from his pocket; said take this and contribute from my side to this Madrassah. It was a strange seen, his daily earning was 200 to 300 Rs and he would earn daily to run his family kitchen. This was such an esteem work he did. Here people give big amounts which are also high respected. But people generally give what is left out and give but this person gave something out by cutting down on the stomach of his children. This passion is worth appreciating. I will remember this as a memory and this 200 Rs also. If this passion is there in the community. When a person who is a labor and not having comfortable living can do this. When he heard that a madrassah is being made here, when he heard he gave money. When such kind of community is present, then people should not raise this question on how this work can be done. Every individual of Pakistan has this passion inside them. This is also your program, for the sake of defense of sanctity of Wilayat, for defense of Shia and Wilayat of Ali, we will take this step and Allah will make all of us successful in this examination.

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