Political Markaz - Defending Leader and MI6 Force

Defending Leader and MI6 Force

Defending Leader and MI6 Force

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The other point which I have repeatedly mentioned about the fronts that have been created against Islam and specifically the forces that have been created against Shiite. Certain countries have made alliance to eradicate the power of Shiite which is not just table talks but instead a reality and you have to take this seriously because its direction is towards Pakistan. You very well know about the strength of Shiite. At present Saudi is in panic and it considers as an insult that Shiite is spreading so much and being accepted so much and is establishing relationship with other Muslim nations. Saudi at any cost want to confront this and behind them is Zionist and you have heard last week the statement of Saudi prince said that if Israel and Palestine fight then we will support Israel because Iran is supporting Palestinians. If Iran supports Palestine then we will support Israel. This was said by Walid bin Talal who is the richest prince of Saudi have said this and not just we will support, they are already supporting Israel which they are doing in Syria. They have only one  objective to eradicate the strength of Shiite.

The strength of Shiite is the strength of Islam against the enemies of Islam, against satanic forces and not against Muslims. Till date everyone confesses that Iran is the only supporter of Palestine even though there are not Shia’s in Palestine. The image of Shiite which has been propagated by Saudi and others is not the correct image. Shiite is not a sect of Islam against other sects. Shiite is the standard bearer of Islam against enemies of Islam and the standard bearer of Muslim Ummah. And now they are making all efforts to make this standard bearer fight against the Muslim Ummah. They are trying to end this strength of Shiite. Shiite was there before Islamic revolution also but they were lost even in Iran. Even if you try to find Shiite before revolution you will not find them in the field but only in some corner. Shiite was not present in either the field of knowledge or politics. It was the ritualistic Shiite which only needed ten days for their rituals for which they had the permission to observe their rituals for ten days after which they were not seen and generations passed like this. But now they have seen that these Shiite are present in the field throughout the year and they are more charged on the tenth day of Mohurrum. They are even present in those places where the enemies were not expecting them to be present. In Palestine, the Zionist only threat is from Hezbollah which is Shiite hence it has become an objective to break the back of Shiite.

The strength of Islam is from Shiite and the strength of Shiite is from Wilayat-e-Faqeeh. The Pakistanis should understand and realize this strength. The entire dependency of the body is on the backbone. If leg or hand breaks then also you can do a lot with broken limbs but if the backbone breaks then you cannot do anything but just lie in bed. Ummah is the skeleton, limbs and Leader, Wali e Faqeeh is the backbone. And they know that this heavy skeleton of Shiite will not be suppressed like this. We turn towards Iraq they come there, we go to Syria they come there, we go to Yemen they come in opposition, we go to Palestine they are there and we turn towards any land they come in front. We have to remove this wrestler out but how? That is to break the backbone because once that is broken then no doctor in the world can fix it. They know that the backbone of the strength of Shiite is the System of Wilayat that is Wilayat-e-Faqeeh and hence they have to eradicate this backbone.

In order to do so they have to break this backbone which cannot be broken with fighter jets and missiles. You can see that one hand of Supreme Leader is injured in a bomb blast incident in a mosque when he was delivering a speech. At that time he was the head of Security Council. After that he remained as President and leader and you can see that even with this paralyzed hand he has become the most powerful person in the world. The backbone cannot be broken with the Takfirist army instead the backbone of Takfiri forces would be broken by the hand of our Leader. Wilayat-e-Faqeeh is the backbone of Shiite; this cannot be broken by America and Israel. This can only be broken by the MI6 force which broke the backbone of Imam Ali (a.s), Imam Hassan (a.s). Breaking the backbone of Leader means isolating him from the Ummah. This is what they did; Ali is alone after the Prophet and Imam Hassan (a.s) is isolated and alone in the battlefield. Ameerul Momineen (a.s) says in Nahjul Balagha that I looked around and found that my shoulders are broken and only two small kids are my supporter. What would I do with them? Where are others?

The force which MI6 has made can only break the backbone of Shiite and do treachery. They have made the Supreme Leader (Rahbar) as the target in everything. Amr ibn Aas by raising Quran with his treachery got 12000 men from Ali’s army disconnected and they came in opposition to Ali. The Khawarij were in Ali’s army and they wanted Ali (a.s) to repent because he has confronted the Quran and accepted arbitration. Imam (a.s) said that you imposed arbitration on me and now you want me to repent. Those who want Ali to repent is the same force which MI6 has created today and once again reviving the conspiracy and political principles of Amr ibn Aas and they want to break the backbone of Shiite. Those believers who have sense are aware about this but in Pakistan the difficulties are more because of lack of sense (Sha’oor).  Due to this tricksters become successful and leader gets isolated.

It is the duty of every one of you that when enemy attacks or strikes your leader you have to defend him. In the battle of Ohud people ran away and left the Prophet (s.a.w.s) alone but you see in Karbala, when the time for prayers came the companions made themselves as shield for Imam Hussain (a.s) and the arrows pierced their body. This the achievement of the supporters of Hussain that the time one supporter was alive a single arrow could not strike Imam Hussain (a.s). They are great martyrs who did not allow a single arrow to touch Imam Hussain (a.s) till the time they were alive. Then when everyone was martyred, then Hussain was isolated and raised the call of “Hal Min Nasir Yansurna”.  When the supporters were not left then Hussain was besieged by arrows. Imam Hussain (a.s) was on the horse and the number of arrows which hit him were so many that when he came down from Horse, he sat on his thighs in the Tashahud posture. Then one arrow came and hit deep inside his throat. The doyen of martyrs pulled out the arrow and along with it a fountain of blood of came out. He took the blood in his hand and started to dye his hairs. Then he raised his hand and said O Allah! What is this Ummah doing with me? Then he called and said “Where are my lions? Those who were my shield and did not allow a single arrow to touch me”. The companions are victorious, blessed and salutations on them because till the time they were alive they did not allow an arrow to come towards Hussain.

It would be shame on us that in our presence an arrow of tongue or an arrow of a personality goes towards our Leader (Rahbar). The arrow should first hit us, it should first pierce our chest, all the slandering and accusations should come on us and till the time we are alive those arrows should not go towards our Leader (Rahbar). This is the standard of Ansars (supporters) and companions of Hussain (a.s) whom he applauded that you are such companions who were not present before. The companions of Prophet (s.a.w.s) were present and he got hit by stone (in Ohud); Ali (a.s) got wounded in presence of his companions; Imam Hassan (a.s) had to sign the treaty in presence of his companions but Imam Hussain (a.s) did not get hurt by any arrow or stone till the time his companions were present.

At present defending Wali-e-Faqeeh is equivalent to defending Shiite and Islam. Do not say both Qa’edeen, (those who are sitting silent) and Mujahideen (crusaders) are same; Allah will be displeased with these words of yours. Do not say that they are all Mujtahid and same. This defense is obligatory on you when this personality of Supreme Leader (Ayatullah Khamenei (d.a.) has defended so much of yours. He has protected the shrines of Iraq, he has protected the shrine of Lady Zainab (s.a). He has sacrificed his big Generals in defending these shrines against these Takfiri forces. Does he not possess even this much rights that when we go for pilgrimage of Shrines we send salutation on this personality also who has given us this opportunity of doing Ziarat? Now Arbaeen will come and you will get the opportunity of doing Ziarat then think who has protected these shrines for us from the Takfiri forces. He (Rahbar) has these rights on our neck and we have to deliver these rights. Do not become unconcerned and careless people of your era. The slogan which you raise that “I wish I was present in Karbala” so now prove that and be counted amongst those.


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