Political Markaz - Dangerous plans for 2018 Elections in Pakistan

Dangerous plans for 2018 Elections in Pakistan

Dangerous plans for 2018 Elections in Pakistan

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One point that is related to Pakistan and is very important. The atmosphere that is being built up in PK for the upcoming elections of 2018 is very different and dangerous. The arrangements that are being made are different for these elections. In the past all political, religious groups, parties would participate in a specific way to get the elections done. But this time the preparation that are made for elections are different. The new type of groups are being created and certain groups, parties are being wiped off to be replaced with some other parties. These plans seem to be highly dangerous and a big Fitnah (sedition) is clearly seen in the name of election. This Fitnah will drown the people, safety and security of Pakistan. This Fitnah God forbid can turn into a civil war. This kind of preparations are being done and are happening. They are trying to change the direction of Pakistan towards civil war. The Pakistan nation should remain alert and not become a part of Fitnah. If they are dragging the country towards a civil war then the people with their sense should remain alert and not allow this to happen.

They are creating new groups who as per their thinking are not at all political. A political mind even if it is Satanic; since there are no values they oppose each other one day and then next day they sit and become friend. The wrestlers that are being prepared now for the elections are not like those politicians. They are not bringing into field non-political groups. As I said multiple religious groups are being gathered under various contexts. MMA which was made during Musharraf era is again being revived with a new face. Then against them a structure is being formed with suspended groups; these suspended groups are those who were involved in terrorist activities. They are also not politician; they are Takfirists, extremists and warriors. They are non-religious because someone who can kill Muslim has no religion.

One more nonpolitical group which is being made to smell and taste politics are the Sufis and Barelvi who were completely away from politics. Some of them amongst them are those who have even left Shariat and only believe in Tareeqat. Those who have left Shariat for the sake of Tareeqat never come near politics but now they are being prepared for the political arena. First they got Deobandi into politics. Initially it was only one Deobandi group which was in politics then Musharraf got others into politics. Now they are doing the same for Barelvi. This way the politics will be done on the basis of religious sect. When Barelvi, Deobandi, Shias will come out in the field to confront each other politically then this will turn into religious confrontation. They will not do politics instead they will bring their religious sentiments out in the field. If you see these sit in protests, which I said this is a series which has started and it will go on till elections. But this sectarian, ideological, religious politics which they are playing will take a dangerous shape. But whenever there are conflicts in our country; irrespective of who is fighting but one group suffers the most, gets killed and they are Shias. The fighting is with others but they start with Shias. The politics which we have done under the name of Shias has badly failed even in Shias areas of Gilgit Baltistan. The politics is merciless and when the suspended terrorist groups come out to fight elections then the expectations are dreadful things to happen out of this mercilessness

The consequences of the Fitnah that has come out of elections in Shia areas like Parachinar has been horrible and we have paid a heavy price for it and many sacrifices have been given. A fitnah which distanced Shia from Shia and the leader of Parachinar got killed in the elections. These Fitnah’s can be defeated only by the sense of people. Ameerul Momineen (a.s) has said that do not become a ride for Fitnah and do not feed them milk.  We think this is unnatural and the atmosphere that is outside Pakistan we cannot afford Pakistan to be victimized by an internal civil war. May Allah defeat the Fitnah’s of the Satan’s and deceive them in their own Fitnah. 

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