Political Markaz - Cultural Festival in Madrassah in KPK

Cultural Festival in Madrassah in KPK

Cultural Festival in Madrassah in KPK

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One more incident that took place in Pakistan recently and came in news today that in Noshera a town in KPK; a cultural festival took place in a religious madrassah. The university, college students know what is a cultural festival and what happens inside it.  This was done in a religious Madrassah. Various handicraft activities, stage shows were done, apart from singing and dancing everything else was done. Those who went to visit; they told the Madrassah management that there is no dance, singing in this festival. People were not able to digest this.

The Madrasah people told that it is not permissible by Sharia but we have done everything without that but looks like next year dancing will also start. KPK Madrassah are those where Mujahid’s are being produced. When others needed crusaders, then these Madrassahs nurtured crusaders.

These Taliban, means student of Islam who became terrorists started from these Madrasah of KPK. The more work has been done by these Madrassah. When the law is made, all Madrassah are affected. Now after 9/11 things have changed, there is a policy in the country that the Madrasa should be harmonized as per current era demands and be updated.

In this first a cricket match tournament was done amongst Madrassah students and Madrassah’s participated. Now also in this festival which took place other Madrassahs also put their stalls. There were Shia also which we could identify from banners. These cultural festivals are done there. The way universities, colleges have their own identity and it is clear what role the Madrasah have to play in the country. 

The Madrassah’s have to nurture guided people, personality who maintain the balance in society. Imam Khomeini (r.a) would say a religious scholar is equal to a doctor in a society, else society gets sick and destroyed. This is expected from Madrasah. When the Jihad of Zial ul Haqq starts, then Madrassah are asked to produce crusaders; when Parvez Musharraf starts the wave of liberalism they want these things to happen in Madrassah. When this becomes culture of Madrassah, then they will produce such type outputs also. People rely on scholars, they expose their secrets to them, and then how will they trust them. These festivals are not the ways to harmonize the Madrassah with the current era issues. That should be in syllabus, practical grounds should be given to them. The organization which is running the Madrassah is not education department. 

The Madrassah are under CTD, the anti-terrorism department. First connect them to education department. When you run the Madrassah through that force which is supposed to counter terrorism then what do you expect from Madrassahs. By festival, cricket matches they will become updated? You should bring them under education department. As people rely on Madrassah for their religious affairs. If scholars playing cricket, in festivals come out then how will they become responsible persons in society?

I am telling all this so that you know that this responsibility was given in the past to Madrassah’s for producing terrorists which was not the actual purpose of Madrassah’s it was meant to promote the teachings of religion. Now you want to make disco scholars, cricketers then what will come out. The guardians of these Madrassah should ponder over this and not become victim of inferiority complex. You should complete your syllabus, and produce updated personalities so that they do not come and present this to you. It should not happen that they will raid Madrassah and say where drums and musical instruments are.

The guardians of Madrassah’s should be attentive on this. There are five WEFAQ made for Madrassah’s but they sit with government, eat lunches, meetings with government representatives but none are concerned about the Madrassah’s. I asked one elder from WEFAQ that Madrassah’s fall under which law category of the country. He said we have never discussed about this issue. They just meet, eat, make selfie and have friendship with government. The government has given some facilities to their personal Madrassah’s and now they are doing festivals. There are many dangerous plans which are taking place in the Madrassah’s and I will discuss this on some other occasions as to what is being thought about Madrassah’s. 

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