Political Markaz - Court makes 460 billion rupee deal with Bahria town

Court makes 460 billion rupee deal with Bahria town

Court makes 460 billion rupee deal with Bahria town

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Bahria town are housing societies made across Pakistan. There in one big trader, who was a clerk before in civil department. He was with navy before and now then separated made a society in many towns where Pakistan are living. All this was happening in cooperation with forces, government. He has Generals as employees, and they usurped lands, made fraud documents, and they created a big crisis in the country. There are two companies in the country; DHA and Bahria as to what they have done with the Pakistani economy and the nation needs to be elaborated in a separate discussion. All these beautiful colonies, societies they have made, where poor people go for picnic, I will mention sometime later as to what has been done. If these governments, judges would have had little conscience they should have stopped them, and taken accountability from there. Now they have caught Bahria in the housing scheme of Karachi where they have illegally occupied land and they have been asked to stop construction. There are discussions going on with the judges and Bahria. The last Tarzan Chief Justice collected 9 M $ and spend 13 M$ on its promotion. The current Chief Justice is focused on judiciary. Till now it is turned out true, that he is a sincere person, 

delivers sensible talks and he said I will also make a dam against the storm of injustice. The first step he took was against false witness’s culture prevailing in courts. The previous Chief Justice was a Tarzan, he jumped into Karachi on a raid, and got an alcohol bottle from a politician inside the fridge of a politician. Then later it was found that there was juice inside. The Bahria and Court were in negotiation since long. The Ex Chief Justice has demanded 1000 billion rupees from them. If they deposit this much then we will give you permission to construct Bahria towns. They wanted him to deposit this money in the Dam found and the owner of Bahria disagreed and did not give. This current court has agreed on 460 billion rupees with the owners of Bahria. You can assess here what is happening in this nation, justice and laws. The owner of Bahria has done a crime, and court has sold the crime against 460 billion rupees. He wants to make illegal houses, and he is paying the price to end the cases. If he is a criminal, the prosecute him, return the lands to those who own it. People are enjoying that now more money is going to come.  

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