Political Markaz - Consequences of Iran America war in the region

Consequences of Iran America war in the region

Consequences of Iran America war in the region

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The headline news since few weeks is the Iran America conflict and tension which seems like the region is moving into the jaws of war. It looks like there are complete preparations for war in the region and the atmosphere is going towards war. America has moved their marine fleet, bombarding aircrafts have been moved to the region. Similarly fleets with air bases have been sent to the Gulf. The various battalions have been sent in the region and to their alliances like UAE, Saudi and a big base of America is present in Iraq. On this side, Iran has also mobilized its war machinery. The Supreme Leader has announced to start aligning your war ranks, and it has started and the most recent news which has disturbed America is that fast moving Kayaks which are generally used in sports world across the world, but Iran has converted this technology into war machinery. These Kayak boats can cover few hundred kms very quickly and since these are small they can escape the Radar. In the Iran and Iraq war, Iran used these boats with missiles hosted on this and have done successful operations with this. When Iran started to load missiles on fast moving Kayaks and everyone is afraid of these boats American satellite imagery has spotted this moved and Arabs, America are afraid of these. The oil carrying vessels are also afraid a lot much more then sea mines. There is no one having this squad other than Iran. When Iran has started to load missiles on these boats, then this is a sign that preparations are going on from both sides

America is also giving these statements continuously from Trump, Pompeo that war will not happen. In Iran also the authorities of Iran say that war will not happen. The Leader has also said that war will not happen but negotiations will also not happen. On the other hand he has warned to be prepared and not get deceived by enemies. If this war happens, then this would be very destructive. America and its allies also know what will happen in this war. There is high technology with America and cannot be compared with Iran. But the field of war is not exclusive to air force or war ships because the battlefield is this entire region. Hence America has called all its non-essential staff from Iraq. The Embassy in Baghdad made by America can host 40,000 families as resident. In Pakistan, Islamabad the American Embassy has a complete Army cantonment made inside, where people are trained for army. All forms of military trainings are done in this Embassy in Pakistan. The Embassy of Baghdad is actually a war cantonment by America. For their safety the first step America has taken is to secure their people from Iraq.

They know that this war would not be limited to only Strait of Hormuz but instead this war would be fought in entire region, that is Iraq, Lebanon, Emirates, Saudi and wherever there are American dens these will be fought everywhere. This vast field is not in control of America but Iran has this power to do this. They have fought inside Syria, Iraq and Iran has defeated a big force of ISIS and Iran cleansed them up which was made by 90 countries. For Iran to fight in entire Middle East it has the experience of War. They have fought in Syria, Iraq and Yemen they were effective. The regional nations think America will save them but America has moved their staff out of Iraq. America knows how much losses will be there. When there is a war, the parties make their arrangements. They both have strengths and weaknesses. The weakness of Iran is known to America, that is applying sanctions, to make people stand against the system of Iran, bringing them out on streets, and this is the American planning which has failed till date. America itself the way it is announcing the war, is not in a mood to attack Iran because they know the consequences.

In the past also few years back the similar situation was there and the Iranian leadership had announced that we have to fight this war in the first hour only and after that we have to manage this war. All steps are to be taken in the first hour and within one hour the American forces and their alliance who are present in the region were in their range. They even issued the numbers and Iranian leadership even mentioned that we need this much damage to America and this was few years before and now their power is much before despite of sanctions, but there battle power is very high. Some signs have also been seen.

In the last week, on one port of Emirates, certain attacks were made on the vessels parked on their port with bombs and UAE has accepted it. As per free media, there were attacks done on 10 vessels on Fujairah port. This was not done by drone but a group went and did this. This was a warning that if a war gets triggered then don’t say that where America says it will be war, the entire region would be a battlefield. They know this. Dubai which is made so good and is considered the most beautiful city of the world, where a lot of money has been spent for luxury. Dubai is the paradise for criminals and lustful people. This paradise will get destroyed and they also know that what all they have made will all get destroyed if war happens. Then other Arab countries who are aligned with America and Zionists.

In this battle there are 3 groups; one is America, Israel and Saudi who are aligned together in applying pressure on Iran. Iran is completely alone in its borders. In Syria they had alliance with Russia, but till now Russia has not given any statement that we will fight for Iran. The way impression is given is that there will be no war but preparations are made fully. This is also a war strategy. In this war the one who has low nerves will loose and one who is psychologically strong will win. The one who comes under pressure will be defeated. Iran has good experience of fighting such battles. These battles in terminology are known as prolonged or attrition battles where the opponent is made frustrated, fatigue with the war and gives up. The war should be long, the battlefield should be diversified and threats on all over like attacks can take place on factories, ministries, air, ships , homes and on their borders and even on their interests in other nations. The way the battle of Yemen has become a long tenure. They planned to finish off Yemen in a short period but policy from there was to prolong this war and make enemies submit by fatigued.

The second thing which came out in this war was an attack on the Saudi pipeline by Yemen. The entire oil industry of Saudi will be destroyed in this war. The way Saddam attacked Kuwait and burnt all the wells of oil. It is impossible to extinguish that fire as no one can even go near it. The entire region of Arabs is full of oil wells. The first step in this war will be that oil wells would burn, oil refineries would get attacked, oil tankers would get blasted and this region will turn into hell. This war will turn into hell. It is not possible to burn this fire in the world which will burn in the region due to this war. Iran has openly said that if our oil does not sells then the oil of others will also not sell. If our ships won’t sail then yours will also not sell. At the same time the changes that are coming in the forces in Iran.

The Supreme Leader did one fundamental change yesterday and previously also. Iranian IRGC (Sepah’s) commander in chief was changed. Our media said that our delegation went there and complained about that commander so their Leader changed the commander on complaint of our PM. That commander had commanded for 13 to 14 yrs and the law is there to change after 10 yrs. He had gone beyond his tenure. The new commander is well known for his revolutionary spirit though as such Sepah are all revolutionary. In Revolutionaries also there are different categories. Now the commander which is made in Persian terminology is that wine which is boiled twice and is highly effective and makes man fly. This has become a proverb in Persian for someone beyond control. The past commander was revolutionary but this new one is double side sword who gives no importance to anything other than revolution. The commander which Leader has made is completely of warriors and not politicians. The new positions are given to those commanders, Generals who only have war thinking and revolutionary thoughts and that too also first degree revolution and not pragmatic thinking. They are those revolutionary who only know the language of war. They have made these changes and from other side also preparations are there. This is a battle of survival for Iran and they know if they lose this battle then nothing will be left. The kind of war indicates the type of preparation. Hence they have to fight this battle with all possibilities. It is shamelessness of Arabs that they are supporter of America, Zionists to fight against an Islamic nation and have endangered everyone including themselves. Since this topic will keep on changing with updates and hence we will keep on discussing

The nuclear agreement which Iran did with five countries and America, from which America broke the deal and came out. The other nations did not break the agreement but did not also act as per the agreement. Iran has also announced that we are also not confined to this agreement as you have also not abided to it. The agreement was that Iran will limit their nuclear plans and in exchange all sanctions will be lifted from Iran. This did not happen and no sanctions were lifted instead the sanctions has been tightened and European nations have supported America. Iran says that for us also it makes no sense to remain on this agreement and we will now step back gradually. As a first step, in the agreement it was mentioned that Uranium that is produced by Iranian nuclear plants that will not be stored inside Iran and they will give it to other countries outside. Iran has said that we will not sell this to anyone outside and will store it inside. The second point was that nuclear waste water which we were selling to atomic powers of the world but now we will not sell. The third step we will restart our Centrifuges and nuclear reactors.

At the same time, China America trade war is also acquiring severity and is moving towards a field and armed war. America has imposed taxes on China goods and in reply to that china has also taken this step. This way Americans are under extreme pressure from China. Trump has openly threatened China to take back their trade steps and China is also fully prepared for encounter with America.

Trump announced emergency for American Information Technology

There is one more insecurity that has developed in America in the field of Information Technology. American President has declared emergency in IT across the country. Emergency means the ongoing laws, policies should be suspended and new policies should be imposed. This is because IT which was a strength of America has become its weakness. The American security, diplomacy has all gone into the hands of others through this technology. China and Russia has hollowed America and they have access to American secrets. This decisive role has been made by Russia in hacking American IT systems like they did at the time of elections. Similarly China has acquired all trade secrets of America and they have deployed such spying tools inside America through various Chinese companies. Huawei which is a famous company in the world and in Pakistan also they have shown their effects in the name of friendship and have taken control of whatever computer systems we had. Though it is good for Pakistan that our systems are still not electronic that much. Though we claim that we are in IT field but only till the point of being labor for data entry. There is no big investment done to update our systems in Pakistan. But despite this company has got access in Pakistan and got their devices inside the country and have got their mobiles inside the country. Like even iPhone, which is American but made in China which spies on all information. Thus entire world’s IT activity is in front of China. Hence America has applied emergency on IT and there will be new laws and policies imposed.

Eight Kashmiri’s martyred by Indian forces

In India, the severity in Kashmir that is going on by Indian forces have increased. Yesterday there were 8 Kashmiri’s martyred in an attack and this is happening on daily basis and on the other hand elections are going on in stages across the different provinces. We will analyze this topic at some later stage.

Indian Muslims under threat from two forms of ISIS

There is another news from India that ISIS has formally announced their Wilayat for India and Pakistan. The way it was expected before the way first these Arab and non-Arab terrorist were moved to Syria and Iraq, to make Takfiristan but they were not successful. If you remember I have mentioned few years back that this terrorism has to move towards India. The things that are happening in India are also signs for this preparation only. They have announced two sectors now one is India division and other Sindh division. They have a camp in India and have done some operations as well. In Pakistan they have selected Balochistan for this. Whether it is done in India or Pakistan, they will do destruction in India but more target is for Pakistan. It is possible that they will do damage in India as well but more damage would be done for Pakistan. The way Pakistan used the terrorists for Afghanistan the same India is doing to use ISIS for Pakistan. The same mistakes which Pakistan did is now step by step repeated by India. The damage that would be done in India is very dangerous. It looks like tough days are coming for Muslims in India. On one hand ISIS will do everything in the name of Islam and same ISIS thinking is breeding within Hindus. There is a group whose culture is like ISIS to kill Muslims only. There will be two ISIS in India, one will be ISIS and other will be Hindu ISIS and Muslims will be victim from both sides. It looks like tough days are coming for them, may Allah protect them and they should do some planning before this Fitnah crops up.

Pakistan cancels Gas pipeline deal with Iran

Pakistan has formally announced for termination of oil deal with Iran. When the PM went there he said we will continue with the gas line deal but two weeks later they have written a letter to Iran that we cannot buy Gas from you due to sanctions.

Privatization of Economy and Nationalization of Madrassah’s in Pakistan

Inside the country, there is increase in terrorism activities. Every town has signs for terrorism. In last week, the security forces has targeted 8 terrorist networks and such kind of networks are present everywhere who are ready to create new wave of terrorism inside Pakistan. There is support from outside for team and hence security situation for Pakistan is becoming tense.

The second issue for Pakistan is economy. The way the economy became instable and a severe dip came. The inflation is increasing day by day. Yesterday the dollar went above 146 against Rupee and it was the largest fall of Rupee in history of Pakistan. As such the current government has pledged to make dollar reach 150 and there is a demand of 180 from outside. This means that economy of Pakistan will get disturbed totally. The inflation will go up. What happens when rupee falls? Some don’t feel as to what difference will happen to us. This means that what you used to buy before for 100 Rupee now you have to buy that for 200 Rupee. If you see in month of Ramazan, the eatables, staple foods have touched skies. Those who would buy kilos before are only buying 250 grams of onion, tomatoes. The way the dollar is going up, they won’t be able to even buy 250 grams, and might be in one week they might not even buy this much. The reason before this is that the economy is bankrupted from inside. The group that has come from inside are ineligible and they don’t have money to run the country and they are asking from international institutes like IMF who has accepted a loan of 6 to 8 billion but with a condition that you have to increase inflation because we need interests also on this. Where will you return this loan capital and interests? This means government revenue should increase means the taxes, bills, food items should go up, so that your income increases and you can pay interests. What will happen with these loans? Will this run the country? This loan will first settle the dues of the past loans and interests. Thus the development work will stop here and needs will not be fulfilled and people will get burdened with inflation. Now the government is saying that people should bear this inflation because of big objectives which we do not see any such big objective for which people should starve. There is only internal weakness in government and hence they are submitting in front of others

In the past opposition was silent but government was fiddling them, though it was not normal as opposition always fiddles with running government. But here the government has gone after opposition to arrest them, make cases on them and to arouse them. The time which this government spent has been to fight with opposition with very disgraceful language and they have said that under 18 should not listen to parliamentary talks. This is the country culture where the administrators are saying this. The above 18 can listen to such talks as they have themselves elected. The opposition has announced that after Ramadan we will be starting a movement to bring down the government. It looks like the opposition has also got some signals. First they were under pressure but looks like they have also got some signals to stand up and start movement for midterm elections. They have announced this. On one hand there is economy crisis and also at the same time political conflicts will fuel it further. 

The loans which the global institutes have given where they have put pressure to bring down the currency and increase the rates of electricity, gas and petrol. Along with this there is one more pressure on Pakistan from global financial institute. There is terrorism in Pakistan and they say there is no control on finance control on terrorism. There is an organization by the name of FATF whose member is not Pakistan, India is member of it. They put pressure on various countries that there is terrorism in your country and you should control it. They have made lists of countries, first Pakistan was in grey list and now they have warned that we will put you in black list. This means terrorism is being supported by Pakistan and global organizations will not financially support Pakistan and like Iran Banks will put sanctions. Whatever instructions come from outside and they accept it. At the time of Parvez Musharraf, when American defense secretary called him to hand over our air bases to fight against Afghanistan, else we will ruin you. They demanded that if you do not cooperate we will do this. Our General accepted on telephone only that Pakistan is in your hands. The American secretary wrote in his book that I was astonished that in 3 minutes call how he accepted and not even took time. This has been a trend always that whenever a call comes from there they immediately accept. At the back is America and they have used FATF to put pressure on Pakistan to control terrorism financing. Two days back, there was a convention in China by FATF regarding Pakistan. The representative of Pakistan went there to show them what steps we have taken to control Terrorism.

One strange step they have taken is to control Madrassah and bring them under government, this is because they have given a list that Madrassahs are grounds for terrorism. They cannot apply force on any terrorism group, organization and only on paper they are suspended. The terrorist organizations are present and running, and fully supported by government. The biggest group is Sipahe Sahaba, which is banned and their leader has run elections and not even suspended and he is highly respected. He is there with government delegations, he is sitting with Imam E Kaaba, with PM, with army he is sitting. Then how are they suspended. But they applied pressured n Madrassahs that we will take control of Madrassah and bring them into communal mainstream. This is also present in their report, that the successful steps they have taken for controlling terrorism is regarding Madrassahs. The government has said that there are 100 Madrassahs involved in terrorism and they are giving all Madrassahs under government control. If this means just getting them registered, then this is acceptable and should be done that all Madrassahs should be registered. Like registering child, marriage is done but then government has no intervention in their lives. Major Madrassahs are redirected but they need to re-register and beyond registration also there are laws made. This is due to pressure that has come from outside, that Madrassahs are terrorist centers and should be controlled. The global institutes have given this impression that Madrassahs are base of terrorists. There were headlines given by Madrassahs that we have nothing to do with terrorism. The last list they made was of 100 and rest had nothing to do with terrorism. If you register in ministry of education it is fine, but beyond that what the Madrassahs would teach, syllabus and teachers would be whom, if this also goes under government control, then they have taken loans from outside and for this you have to control Madrassahs and this will become more destructive even for economy.

This government at present is highly oriented to privatize government departments. All the industries under government have failed because they are under losses. There was a news yesterday that the past PM of Pakistan, Khaqan Abbasi owns the Air Blue airline and is a successful airline of Pakistan. The current government minister has questioned Khaqan Abbasi that you were owner of an airline and were also chairman of PIA. PIA is in loss and Air blue is profitable. For PIA it is losing billions of rupees per month. They blamed Khaqan Abbasi that you have made your own airline successful. This is not the reason because Khaqan Abbasi left PIA since long and PIA has always been in loss and last government was to take decision to privatize PIA.

Across the world if you see the government economy it has failed everywhere in the world; apart from Arab world, where there is no economy as such, they are just selling their raw products, capital of their nation. They are selling the capital of their future generations. Apart from this, the government economy across the world has failed. The main reason is that the democratic governments wherever they are have corrupt people. This is the nature of government, even if the government of scholars are made and there also if economy is given to government then also it will fail. The economy progresses if this becomes privatized as the private sector works for their benefits and there is accountability of personnel but in government they get salaries where the business is successful or not does not matter. Whether PIA gets profit or not, we will get salaries. WAPDA in Pakistan is in loss, Railway is in loss and similarly steel mills are in losses because they are under government. In the entire world, there is no such useless railway network like Pakistan. You can see the trains in Turkey, Iran and see how good the trains are but here Trains are a wrath. Since the Mafia also does not allow the government system to work. Hence this government wants to privatize even PIA.  The way they have sold PTCL, the communications was sold to Etisalat in UAE. Till the time it was with government it was in loss. Similarly the government schools. You can see in many places they are next to each other with private schools. The place is big but donkeys are tied up but nearby there is a private school running in a house, where boys and girls are studying in short pants, and they are taking fees. What is the difference? The private school teacher knows that I have to work hard to earn my salaries. But in government school there is no accountability. All government entities have failed, because when the government structure itself is corrupt and when industries are handed over to government these lazy people do not care and destroy it. On one side, they want to privatize all industries.

There are different eras of Pakistan economy. There was an earlier era of extreme poverty after freedom and separation. There was no budget and nothing was there and it was a chaotic era in the 50s. Then some betterment came after that and in that improvement the most manifested era was of Ayyub Khan, who was a Dictator Army Men who imposed martial law and ruled for ten years. In his era Pakistan developed, whereby dams were made, industries were made, trade became open. In that open economy the losses which happened was that the economy of Pakistan went into the hands of around 20 to 22 families. This loss happened but if you separate this loss that even though people did not get anything and the capitalists got everything still the economy of Pakistan progressed. The same which Hashemi Rafsanjani did in Iran. He also made many dams, roads, highways, industries and as an outcome few families became wealthy and people suffered. Here also the same happened where these 22 families became the jugular vein of the country and they were taking maximum benefits. In any case the economy of the country went into action. 

Then Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto came, who did a big economic mistake. His family and party members worship him and consider his grave also sacred. They have this feeling about their leader. We should know that if you say anything aginst these political leaders who are their ILAAH hence they respect them a lot. When he came he did such mistake in Pakistan economy that it could not be controlled till date. What happened from that time till date cannot be rectified? There were private banks, industries and he nationalized all these which were private. They were nationalized. The banks, organizations, industries all failed due to nationalization. They came in the hands of thugs. World’s second largest steel mill is in Pakistan, and if this starts to produce then it can compete with China. All the iron ore is taken out from Balochistan and taken by China. Then the Chinese makes iron rods, bars from this and export it again to Pakistan. The biggest steel mill in Karachi is shut down and there are 1000s of employees of this steel mill who are not doing anything in this mill which is closed. There are people being given job, salaries are paid also just because they are under government control.

Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto took a running economy and nationalized it giving in the hands of thugs. Till date Pakistan carries no industrial status. There are cars made by Japanese companies in Pakistan but Suzuki, Toyota which are private companies. If today Pakistan takes a decision to nationalize there will be nothing left. The way they have even pulled out rail tracks and sold it. See the end of all nationalization you did. Government organizations, airlines, railway, schools, hospitals are all ruined. Since in the world millions of people are there, and there will be an economic glitter. Today they are working on this to de nationalize and make it privatized but the Madrassahs which are private you want to give them in government control. Then you will see what will happen. Even though the Madrassahs do not have high performance, but if the same government clerk, employees are sitting here then they will even sell the bricks, land of Madrassahs and the guardians of Madrassahs are not so simple. Those who have deceived community and made Madrassahs, mosques on usurped land are not simple, but pretend to be in such case. The Madrassahs should be registered, clarity, transparency and only education should be there, there should be no Jihad, business inside the Madrassahs. If people get trained in these Madrassahs and come out then they will give direction and growth to the community. The way Iqbal had complained that these Madrassahs are not giving the right education. When you do everything by force, then you can see what would be the consequences and then might be after some years you will again sit and think to privatize the Madrassahs.

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