Political Markaz - Congress pass bill to stop aids to Saudi

Congress pass bill to stop aids to Saudi

Congress pass bill to stop aids to Saudi

Apr 05,2019 Comments Download

One more progress that has happened, is that American congress, Parliament has passed a bill to stop support of Saudi due to Yemen war. In America there is a Satanic system, where bills have no value. Their doctrine remains the same always, whether Obama, Bush, Trump comes. The establishment runs all of them like pawns. The congress makes a bill, the President makes a Veto on it.

The congress will put ban on President some work. If congress has passed bill to stop aid to Saudi, but it does not mean that this will happen. As Trump has openly said in the Jamal Khashoggi case, when Saudi brutally killed him, which everyone has seen.

Trump was shown the film and he said I cannot see this film as it so brutal. Even a tyrant like Trump could not listen to the last words of Jamal Khashoggi. At that time, Trump has said that i know they have done it, but despite of this we cannot compromise our interest with Saudi for one journalist. Saudi Arabia buys billions dollars of weapons and hence they did not impose any sanctions on them. On the other hand, America claims to be pioneer of human rights. The oppression which is happening in Yemen, their heads have bent.

UN has formally said that this is human genocide and no one should be part of it. But still America and Britain are selling weapons to Saudi. These are hypocrite community and government, that they are running their factories with the blood of Muslims. Even if the congress has passed the bill, trump will not accept it as they have to milk the cow. In a recent deal, SA has taken step to further place order for billion dollar of weapons. 

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