Political Markaz - Condemning Yemenis is condemnation of Palestine and Kashmir - Khan should think before speaking!

Condemning Yemenis is condemnation of Palestine and Kashmir - Khan should think before speaking!

Condemning Yemenis is condemnation of Palestine and Kashmir - Khan should think before speaking!

Jan 21,2022 Comments Download

By- Ustad Syed Jawad Naqvi

Yemeni Houthis have attacked UAE with drones. UAE has said that three foreigners have been killed, one Pakistani and two Indians. They have hidden other causalities. After this attack the atmosphere created shows that this was not a small attack and it looks like this is a beginning of a new phase. Our PM has criticized the Yemenis in stern words and has supported UAE. He has demanded the UN Security council meeting should be called for this attack. Saudi, Kuwait, Bahrain have condemned this attack and America and other countries have said that we are with you.

One thing becomes clear is that the coin has turned in this battle of Yemen. The aggressors who had decided to finish off the entire generation of Yemenis overnight and are still doing that have never been criticized. Not even a single word was said against these aggressor till date by our country. The attack was so severe that at least the Emirates needed verbal support from others.

When some leader gives a statement then we have to ponder over it. To condemn the Yemenis, you should think whether Yemenis have attacked Saudi? it is you who have attacked Yemen with this estimation that you will finish them over night as they are poor. They defended their country and in last few days there was aggressive battle where Yemenis also suffered and Saudis also. In this the Yemenis made UAE the target, and they have proven that they can target any place in Middle East. They first targeted the oil refinery in Saudi and now they have attacked Abu Dhabi. When you cannot differentiate between oppressor and oppressed then should think before speaking. Condemning Yemenis is not just for Yemen, it is condemning the Palestine’s and Kashmir. The way for India Kashmiri’s are terrorist, for Israel the Palestinians are terrorist, so for our PM are Yemeni’s terrorist? They are defending their own lands. If you condemn Kashmiris then it applies for Palestine, Yemenis as well, and same is all way around. This means you are with oppressors and aggressors?

In this regard the previous government was better when the Saudi asked for help in Yemen war, they refused and said we will refrain from both parties. If you want to condemn then do it on that day as well when Saudi bombs Yemen as people are killed there as well. If you want to condemn then do on both. But when they are defending their own land you condemn them? The politicians think that to save power you should deprive Kashmir, Palestinians and Yemen of their rights? The Israel intervention in Middle East happened for this reason and with such messages from our PM and other Muslim countries it looks like Israel will reach all Muslim lands. These three are oppressed communities in the worlds and what is happening with them is not with any human generation in the world. They are sprinkling salt on their wounds.

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