Political Markaz - Comedian becomes Ukranian President – The beauty of democracy

Comedian becomes Ukranian President – The beauty of democracy

Comedian becomes Ukranian President – The beauty of democracy

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One more incident that has appeared on global horizon and is very important for Pakistanis to become aware about this. Ukraine is a known country now though in the past when it was part of Soviet Union it was hidden. But now everyone knows. It is on the border of Russia and after the breaking of Soviet Union, it still remained in Russian block. Then it got oriented towards Europe and NATO. 

America has taken Ukraine under their umbrella and now one part of Ukraine has been captured by Russia and they don’t want America to come here. This battle is going on since long. Since long time the anti-Russian lobby has been winning the elections. But in the recent elections an interesting result has come out. One TV actor who was a comedian on TV Channel, was making people laugh. He contested for Presidential elections and won with a big majority. He is not a politician and nothing related to politics. Since he is a comedian, joker who makes people laugh, then people like them.

Like the way the Pakistani people like jokers. If someone sits on pulpit and makes people laugh then the people like it but if someone is talking serious they sleep. It looks like the Ukrainians are also like this and they liked this comedian and made his successful with big majority.  

He gave the Presidential speech that I neither know about government nor politics but I promise that I will never allow people to become sad, depressed and keep them always happy. What is happening in the political world? I have said this before at the time of Pakistan elections. There are people who gain popularity in movies or some cultural field. They are known as celebrity. They are famous, popular faces, but their popularity is because they are good singers, dancers, actors and there are such people in Pakistan who are very famous at community leave, like they are cricketers, dancers, singers, film stars. They have some talent inside and they present that to become celebrity.

People like them because they have not damaged the people and have pleased the hearts of people. These cricketers who hit sixes, people like them as they get pleased with them and they even put their pictures inside their homes. Like a film star whom they like and even keep the name of their children on their names. This is the effect of celebrity on the lives of ordinary people. The people behind, the mafia takes benefits from these celebrities and bring them in the field. They take disadvantage from their popularity and use their fame as a tool to deceive people. This is a deception to people that you win the political field through a celebrity.

A comedian who has made people laugh becomes the President of a big country, that too when the country is under the battel of two superpowers is handed over to mockery. This is not happening for the first time in the world that they remove politicians from the field of politics and bring celebrities in their place who known nothing about how to run the government, what are debts, economy.

This is not their world and even if they start to learn from now then also they cannot learn. This Ukrainian president if he starts to learn politics he might take another 70 years. They are just pawns and the actual players are behind who dominate people through these celebrities. This is the beauty of democracy. When people have to select, then there is no criteria for people to elect. They can select comedian, jugglers, dancers, jokers and I don’t know who was in opposition to him. There would be able persons also who could manage the country.

This is why Maulana Rumi says that O people! As far as possible stay aloof from deception of people, do not follow people because when people come to believe something they believe in cow as God but when they want to deny they do not even accept Noah as Prophet. When you leave the destinies of nation in the hands of people then this what people do and this is the outcome of democratic system.

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