Political Markaz - Clouds of war between six countries

Clouds of war between six countries

Clouds of war between six countries

Feb 18,2022 Comments Download

By- Ustad Syed Jawad Naqvi

The war battles between Ukraine and Russia are hovering. America wants to make Ukraine as part of NATO force. Russia has warned that no NATO force can come on Russian borders. If they come near then we will reply. Since Ukraine has agreed to become part of NATO force and Europe is supporting them, hence Russia has got their forces on the border. America wants Russia to attack Ukraine and then for defending Ukraine; America and Europe would step in the war. The war clouds are hovering over both Iran and Russia. They create atmosphere of war between Iran and Arabs and Iran with their wisdom gets over it. Iran has done full preparation of war and also political wisdom they have made successful to fade this war. The same policy is being made by Russia. They have made preparations for war if required but want to resolve without war.

America wants three battles, one is Taiwan and China , second is Iran and Saudi, and  third Ukraine and Russia. This is the need of America desperately to save their position and they are striving aggressively to start this war.

China is also a successful country and Russia is also an experienced nation and Iran is also fighting American plans since half century. And now even agreement between Iran and America has reached the final stages. Till now the news is that Iran is going to do the agreement successfully with America and Iran. This agreement might get completed by next week.

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