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China in 2017

China in 2017

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Another neighbor of Pakistan is China which has progressed a lot in 2017. They started from 2014 and in 2017 it went further. Pakistan and China have historical friendship and they never had any conflicts. At times the cooperation has been good and sometimes normal. But recently china has taken a lot of serious interests in Pakistan and to fulfill the Chinese plans of modern world silk Route which is One Road, One belt and for that Pakistan is the route and hence has become strategic. China will gain a lot from Pakistan as the journey which China used to do for their goods in months would be traversed in hours. The distance of thousands of kms have reduced significantly. China will enter from the northern Pakistan province of Gilgit and then exit from south in Balochistan. China has made big plans to make new cities in Pakistan and to the extent that China has totally paralyzed the industrialization and production in Pakistan. This has happened to the extent that Pakistan has started to depend a lot on China and as the CPEC project completes Pakistan will become totally dependent on China.

An important step that China has taken in 2017 which as I said before in an earlier speech that 3rd step of their global visionary plan has been taken up by their current president. One president got them freedom, second President made them an economy power and this third President is now claiming that china will become the only superpower in the world. First they were economic power but now it will be a superpower in all aspects. They will do the production for entire world and distribute across the world. They are making routes all across, they are making roads, trains in Europe and around. They are acquiring sea ports at various countries specifically small countries on lease the way they have taken the Gwadar port. China is trying to establish their economic centers over there. There is a severe competition at present between China and America. In this competition two contradictory things are happening. America is losing their grip, control day by day over the world and China is gaining it more and more. This is happening on day to day basis and it can reach to a practical war. This is because the actual purpose of making Trump as the President was to control China. All the filthy things which Trump is doing was meant for China only and instead of directly attacking China he has created all this indirect atmosphere. It is possible that in the upcoming years there would be an encounter between America and China. And Since Pakistan is the friend of China it will also become a part of the war on both sides. This means whatever takes place against china it will happen against Pakistan as well and it has already started. The current policy which Trump has made for Pakistan the main reason is their relation with china.


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