Political Markaz - China and Pakistan into shaky relationship

China and Pakistan into shaky relationship

China and Pakistan into shaky relationship

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One more issue which America has created for Pakistan. America has openly said, that we have a trade war with China and it is an open war. China has accepted this challenge that if you want a battle we are also ready for it. Trump has also announced that we are at war with China. As china is challenging the super power of America and claiming that China is the super power. It is evident that since one century one country has led the world, and now when they are falling they do not accept and anyone who challenges they want to destroy. America has challenged China that we will destroy your economy. China to raise its economy has started this project of one road and one belt; where they are laying their routes across the world. It was there in history, where there was a silk route and entire world was dependent on China. 1000;s yrs before technology, education was in China.

When people did not knew about certain fruits, vegetables they were growing. When people did not knew about clothes, paper but China was using it at that time. This was the era of China which came down, China was attacked. Japan took control and china was divided. That era of China’s supremacy came down and then again China got freedom from Japan. China fought for their liberation, they got freedom in 1949 and then they developed their country. Today they are the super power of the world and staring all other powers. Again they got their global status and it has presented the concept of One Road and One belt and entire world should trade from one route. All the production should happen from china and all other countries should trade. America wants this plan of china to fail and it has become effective on certain countries related to china like Nepal, Malaysia, Indonesia etc. The ports of many countries will pass from China. They have taken the ports of Gwadar, Sri Lanka. America wants to break all these countries. As they are small countries, they want to pressure them and break this country. They have got success only in Malaysia and that route of China was closed.

The second target is the CPEC, where China has invested a lot on this in Pakistan and they won’t allow this to be wasted. America is determined to stop this. Hence America has put all restriction on Pakistan to bring the Pakistan economy in trouble. This way they want to take Pakistan away from China. This government has accepted this impact from America. All the counsellors in Pakistan are coming from America and are against China. These consultants are planning and the analysis of theirs on economy they have presented the summary and announced. Trump has announced that the situation of Pakistan deteriorating economy is China. Trump has announced this in Press conference. A similar announcement has been done by a consultant of economy also.  You can see there are two extremes on CPEC. Till yesterday they were saying that CPEC is a game changer. With this CPEC Pakistan will become an economy power as compared to India in the region. Pakistan will have a decisive role based on CPEC. As per their plans, it was not just to construct road, there were many ports to be made, many cities were to be developed in Pakistan and a big capital of China would be transferred to Pakistan. This was a game changer, though the main profit would be for China only but still Pakistan would have come out of this situation .But now they have made it opposite. They are saying that Pakistan’s biggest difficult is CPEC. In the past if anyone opposed CPEC they said you are traitor but now one who supports CPEC is traitor. This is a big problem for Pakistan and with CPEC if they withdraw the Pakistan economy will be in problem. China will also not accept this. China wants Pakistan to change their behavior. If China becomes certain that Pakistan is not listening to them, they will come in revengeful state like that of India. America is not a country who will come for real help in Pakistan. This is a very blunt act that has been started and those who are sensible should think on this and not allow this government to lead the nation in the direction where they are taking. The actual difficult is not this government. This government will go one day but the people will be there and the issues will remain in their neck. The community do not have this sense that the governments come and do things and leave the effects one people. They are again going to do this. On 23rd Oct the PM is again to Saudi Arabia for a visit and this visit is more serious now as there is bigger crisis in Saudi Arabia now.

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