Political Markaz - Changes in Cabinet prepares grounds for Presidential system

Changes in Cabinet prepares grounds for Presidential system

Changes in Cabinet prepares grounds for Presidential system

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The new stages of an uncertain instable politics that is going on are coming up like changes in Cabinet. The discussions after the changes are indicating more restlessness. I have pointed this before that whatever has happened in Pakistan in last 8 months and even before the elections; all the incidents were written in accordance to a scenario and have been going on in the sequence and they are not accidental. 

The way it is expressed now that government has said that they are incapable so this was known from day one that the team who selected them and got into power was not meant for improving the situation of the country. Like if you make a team of dancers to play cricket world cup, then the team shows that this has not been made for playing cricket, they are made for dancing in the cricket ground. Everyone knew this team and there were people who had no experience of running the country system and not even personal level experience of management for not even for a day, nor were they qualified or oriented towards this.

Management is essential because the affairs are run through management. Wherever the management is correct, despite of poverty the situation is better. If you go to poor homes also where earnings are not even for bread and breakfast, but there is one person inside the family who knows management of house could be due to education or might be non-educated. It happens in some families one woman would come who can manage the house in state of poverty and protects the children from being corrupted.

It is possible that there is a man in the family and has many children, a small house but still you see all children are serious, educated and religious and this was because of the management of this person. If in a school the manager is good, who is responsible person, with intelligence, experience then even though the building is not there from school, like ancient schools running under trees but still that school gives good results due to management. It is essential to look at management else this is not serious. If someone is good in management he should be appreciated. Like if some high level officer retires, he gets pension also, big amount and also some agricultural plot of land to live his life.

Today’s officer they sell this land also, convert the money also in dollars and go to foreign lands and enjoy. But the past officers would sit in these lands and do agriculture. They got these plots for their services and is good for appreciating and rewarding these officers. If you give these plots to everyone then all the lands will be over, then after few decades what will be left we don’t know and there should be a plan from now.

Anyhow this is a good way of rewarding someone. IF these people who are given plots after retirement are given some shop in Lahore to run, they cannot run the shop. If you give a shop to a government officer, then this will destroy the shop. This team which was made was not meant for running the government. Everyone knew them and recognized them. Like they got the Finance minister specially and an environment was created for him, then after 8 months he was removed disgraceful. This was clear he was not made for economy as he had no role in economy. Today media has elaborated this, that this past economy minister was a marketing manager of some company. HE was expert in getting clients for selling a product.

A personality of this segment is given the economy of the country. It is clear you have not selected him for the economy. There are qualified persons present in financé. Most people in Pakistan study in economics, accounts and this is their orientation. The person should be at least from that field and subject. If you are giving someone economy then he should at least have experience of economy. If you give a marketing person economics, then this means you have got him to destroy the economy and not to built it. The same person has prophesized that the new finance minister they got is worse than him now. It is clear that this team was not made to improve the situation.

The current political party could not run the country and this party has one sentence they repeat continuously like singers. This government before election started to repeat the phrase of corruption and now also they say that the past government was corrupt. This was their target to make the past government dirty and this current party would become dirty due to their failure.

The people should get despaired in such a way. When Ayyub Khan was a ruler, he did a lot of development work and when an atmosphere got created against him, there were some slogans raised against him. When his government ended, though I did not remember precisely but there were authentic sources also present from his family which was close to our village. When Ayyub Khan left power and resigned from government; his own grandson who was in Islamabad and a movement started against him and a very filthy language was used against him. They would say Woe on Ayyub Dog, and this is the big matured political slogan of Pakistanis. This was the slogan raised across the country against Ayyub khan. He had a grandson of 8 to 9 years, he did not had political sense and was not aware that Ayyub khan is the name of his grandfather. He took a small flag and started to raise the same slogan of Woe to Ayyub dog inside the president house. This is a psychological fact that when you raise something repeatedly with lot of noise then this rhymes on every tongue.

In the last government, the slogan was raised that Go Nawaz Go, then even his near ones and party members in passion were saying this without sense. This slogan which they are raising that everyone else other than them are thieves. When everyone, media says that everyone is a thief, which is true but the scenario that is being made needs attention. The others will become dirty through them whereas the current government will come become dirty with their own activities. As such they are not doing anything serious, they are just using abusive language in parliament against opposition. They have created a front against the opposition which should have been the other way around. They just want to pass the time by just accusation on opposition and not looking at the issues. They want to raise inflation and people will shout. Then as such they have started to quote that that Presidential system should be there and this only happens when people get totally despaired and hatred with the parliamentary system. So what this cabinet is doing to make the Presidential system is the right thing and you will see the changes that are going to come. The way they have created the atmosphere in which no one will look at these changes positively. These changes are all from the same perspective on which they have acted from before. 

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