Political Markaz - Change in Cabinet is intentional to make people suffer more

Change in Cabinet is intentional to make people suffer more

Change in Cabinet is intentional to make people suffer more

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The other incident which took place yesterday and was expected is that big changes have been done in cabinet by PM. He has removed major pawn of his governments. He has ousted the Interior Minister, Finance Minister, Intelligence Minister and others. The interior minister has not been there for 8 months formally but Shahriar Afridi was playing that role also has been removed and now Ejaz Shah who is a retired General and has played a big role in bringing PM in power. Benazir Bhutto before her death has given the names of certain persons and said if something happens to me, then these are responsible persons and his name was also in that list which came out later. He has been made the interior minister now.

Minister of treasury , Asad Umair who also was the son of ex General, and high hopes were on him as an economy stalwart and the PM made big claims on his words before. He ran for 8 months the economy but now he resigned and said country is bankrupt. All these changes which have happened will not make any difference.

I have been telling this before that this is a show off government and behind this is a shadow government. This government has no power and neither can they do anything. One thing is their own work by heart which they did and delivered their rights and did not waste one moment. That thing was that they applied all the pressure against opposition, to make the country atmosphere instable and they used all energy for that. The government has disturbed their own government more than opposition. The opposition has not created any problem for the current government, but they themselves have tried to keep the system instable, to catch oppositions, and arrest them.  

All these who are constructors of economy of Pakistan, they are all employees of global financial organizations. Moin Qureshi was a PM who was sent to Pakistan from World Bank. After becoming PM, it was found that neither he has a Pakistan identity or Passport. Then in a panic, an ID card was made to show that he was Pakistani. Then Shokat Aziz came, to take care of Pakistan economy, he bluffed a lot and the day he went away from Pakistan the Pakistanis were fighting on flour.

There was no flour found and people were fighting to get that, he took the economy to that level. Then this person has come, Asad Umar was also an employee of Global organizations. They destroyed all the development with China and destroyed all the investments of China. Now Hafiz sheikh who has come is also employee of global finance organizations. Whatever is happening in Pakistan in the last 8 months, one view which the Pakistan journalists are giving is that this is happening that this government is incapable to manage in any section. But whatever has happened is not due to just incapacity but looks like this is being done intentionally. They are increasing the prices of commodity every day, they are bringing down currency, effecting the local production .To trouble the government officers.  

The entire bureaucratic system of Pakistan has almost stopped. The offices which people deal with on daily basis, they are almost nonfunctional. The government officers do not do the work of people as they also do not know what will happen with them. When they will be arrested, changed. This is being done intentionally to make the country reach somewhere on the peak of instability. Why? These situations are necessary for some special acts.

This is preparation of ground for something else which is the actual purpose. People should come under pressure, they become despaired, and their lives become difficult. There are some people who are finding where people are getting things easily, they go and make it difficult. If they find that liquid gas is easy to get, they make it expensive. Wherever there is easiness to people, they change that into difficulty for people and this is not due to foolishness and incapability. 

This is because the emotions of people when it gets developed and when people reach that level of peak of sentiments, they want to make the people reach there. This team has been removed because the destruction which these people had to do they could not do to that level. The Finance minister was removed because he could not make people scream. The Intelligence Minister if you read his statements in media, you will be sorry about it. Why he has been removed? He has kept a limit beyond which he would not bluff. He was asked to break all limits which he did not and hence he was removed. It was not because he could not establish peace, it was because he could not make things more unsafe. Now a new, fresh team has come, not to fix the problems but to complete the incomplete things.  

At the same time this rumor is going on that the country will have Presidential system, like it was before at the time of Parvez Musharraf and Zia u Haqq. We don’t know how much this is true? It is possible that to prove that Parliamentary system cannot run the country hence we need presidential system. In Parliamentary system, the powers are with Parliamentarians selected by the people and then they select the PM.

The Parliament can change the PM. In Presidential system, the Parliament only makes laws on the instructions of President. The President runs the system the way he wants. The American system is like this, where the President can Veto it. The Parliament passed a bill to not support Saudi in Yemen War, but Trump did a Veto and cancelled the bill.

The Presidential system will become a demand by the people. MQM would say we only need Altaf Hussian and we don’t care about anything. They want Pakistan people should come out and say that we don’t want Parliamentary system and want Presidential system this will happen only when the Parliamentary system troubles them so much that people say that we don’t want the Parliamentary system. It is because of the foolishness of the leaders of past which has taken Pakistan here to this stage.  

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