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Challenges for New Pakistan

Challenges for New Pakistan

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The most interesting situation is in Pakistan. In Pakistan there were memorable elections in which those who lost, who won and who made winners are all astonished. First there was a fight for elections to win and now there is race amongst the winning candidates to get some place in government. Even those who did not won the elections are hoping to get some place in elections. You can see the pictures daily that delegates from winning party are meeting other parties and independents on how to accommodate others. This democratic election which takes place on the basis of parties is not more political but more resembling to a business. The party democracy is actually like a partnership company like a private limited company. This means it is a limited company which has shares to a limited persons as aginst this is public company where shares are for everyone. In Private limited certain people invest and have shares in it. At present the party system of democracy is like a party democracy in which there are shares for many stake holders. Those who have made them won, those who casted vote, those who supported they all have shares in it.

There was a parable which we have heard before about the Beggars of Samarra. We had heard this before but were not aware what it means. Samarra is a town in Iraq where there are shrines of Infallible Imams and also the cellar from where Imam (a.t.f.s) went into occultation. The beggar of Samarra is not an ordinary beggar but more of a dacoit. We understood this when we were blessed to visit for pilgrimage. When we went to Samarra, a complete gang of beggars came and surrounded us and started to beg from us. They were asking money for everything; for doing wudhu, to get inside and to keep shoes. These beggars took money from every one of us. Then we went inside to do Ziarat and came out to pick our shoes, one beggar came and asked for money for securing your shoes. I asked him but the shoes were kept in custody of this person you were not even present. He said no I was watching from far. I was securing your shoes remotely and this other person was doing it from nearby. This state of beggar of Samarra where he says I was securing it remotely and he was doing nearly. The same is in election now, where everyone is coming and saying that we have supported the winning party. What have you done? He will say I supported you remotely, someone will say I have placed Imam Zamin on your hand, someone says I have done supplications for you. Everyone has delivered a role and it is their shares in private limited and they are now demanding for their shares. Such a system with shares of everyone, now to please everyone, every group and when such a government comes up this government will be very harmful for the people. In order to please all the supporters they have to be given shares, positions irrespective of whether they are eligible or not.  In one past government, one Maulana was appointed as the advisor of Science and Technology for the President. I am estimating that this Maulana would not even know how to write Technology. He was made the advisor. This private limited company has to give shares to everyone because they are not loyal. If they do not give them compensation they will go somewhere else and will go to those who want to bring down the government. The government is not yet made but those who want to bring down the government are ready and under such situation these persons in middle become very important.

Such kind of party democratic system in which the interests of everyone needs to be taken care is very dangerous for the state, nation and people. If they make government then also it is dangerous and if they do not make then also it is dangerous. This is the same reason that the past governments also failed and did all form of looting. They were also private limited in which there were also specific people who have to always remain in government and government budget would be allotted to them. This party which has won has an open hand from beginning. They have government budget available for everyone to get support. They have given a lot of funds to terrorism centers even before coming in power. Now they will take support from each other.

For every government the first duty is to establish peace and security in the government. There is no peace in Pakistan and I have mentioned the three roots of terrorism in Pakistan and this government is helpless in front of these roots. Whenever a government gets formed in Pakistan first it is seen to which country the Prime Minister visits. There are three stations amongst which the current Prime Minister also has to decide. The majority of the PM’s in the past they made their first visit was to Saudi Arabia for Umrah. This Umrah done on government budget would help them in the hereafter or not we don’t know but for sure has been highly damaging for Pakistan. This first journey is symbolic to show the world as to what orientation this government has, what their policies are and whose dictation they will listen and whom they will trust. The second station is America but with America the situation is not good for Pakistan. America has adopted a stern positon with Pakistan and Trump is waiting for a time to punish Pakistan. This government before formally acquiring position has requested for loans from IMF but Trump has informed IMF to not accept any request for loans from Pakistan. The government has been not yet made and they have started to make efforts to get loans. America has done Veto and taken step against Pakistan but China has shown support for Pakistan. This is the challenge which the Pakistan government has. There are very less possibilities of going to America but might be America suggests or someone from here suggests he visits to America which would be very dangerous for Pakistan. The third station is China like the last government when it was made, the PM first visited China because CPEC was in progress and it was very important to visit China. The first journey which the new PM makes will decide whether there will be peace or not in Pakistan. With this journey those who possess insight understand what is going to happen with Pakistan.

The second severe issue which the current government has to face is the economy crisis in Pakistan which is not presented correctly by the Pakistan media. There is no proper analysis, elaboration about it. There are one or two columnists who rarely write something on this matter but the way they write in such a frustrating manner is that even their wives would not be reading. They write with such complexity and difficulty using the economic terminologies that people do not even understand. For the economy crisis you should explain in ordinary public language so they can understand what the economic growth in Pakistan is, what is the crisis and which segment is doing what, what the past people have done and what the new comers will do. The seriousness of government will be seen from here but if this new government is going to demonstrative work only then nothing can happen. Like they have announced that the Prime Minister will take the oath in D Square of Islamabad. What is this act of taking oath in D Square by PM? This is populistic work and to deceive the people. They want to do such things by which people will praise. Like to sit in taxi instead of car and go to office. These are not fundamental work and what will be the benefit to the people by these demonstrative work. Like if the PM eats only vegetables, then what benefit will people get? Will the people get chicken? You do fundamental work and get Pakistan out of economic crisis. What is the fundamental reason behind this crisis? There is no energy in Pakistan which is the fundamental need hence industries cannot run. There is a Mafia system in Pakistan and everything is under the control of Mafia. In order to stop solar energy you have done agreements of purchasing LPG and LNG though there is cheap, free gas present on Iran border. They are not buying that but from far off places, from Qatar and other places they are buying expensive Gas.

If this government is serious and the way they are raising slogans that a new Pakistan will be made; would be only claims if in this new Pakistan these crisis are not controlled. If energy comes in full flow, electricity is resumed, petroleum comes up, industries start to run, employment increases and the basic needs of people get fulfilled then we can consider this government is serious. If the economy crisis increases; if they take more loans then the nations are not saved with loans they further get drowned. Every Pakistani is under the burden of heavy loans; the loans that are taken by the government. Then there are foreign relationship issues; since long the active diplomacy policy of Pakistan is abandoned since long. There is no foreign relations system. We don’t have desired relationship with neighbors and relationship with other countries like trade and diplomatic are present. Pakistan is not getting any favors from outside which comes due to diplomacy. In the past government for four years there was no foreign minister. This is a big crisis. The tension with neighbors on border should reduce and the dangers which are cross border should be reduced. The borders should become secure and peaceful.

An important part of Pakistani politics is politics of revenge. Here immediately after coming in power they all start to take revenge. First they get their opponents sorted out then they think about people. Everyone in the world knows that everyone is naked in the pond; then to get one person out to point out and say that why you are naked? How pure you are? Either catch everyone and put them inside prison and get accountability of everyone. If you do not do for everyone then this is revenge. The revenge politics is harmful for the community and nation. In this revenge politics; the tug off has started and every group is coming every day to meet and take their share. If they give them their share, then this group will be satisfied; if they do not give then this group will ally with the opposition and confront this government. In revenge politics the opposition will not allow the government to run the way it has happened in the past. The party that has won was in opposition in previous government in last 5 years they continuously protested against the government, they did not participate in the Parliament, they did not become part of passing bills; they did not play any constructive role in the country and they spent the entire 5 years in just bringing down the government. They were not successful in bringing down the government though they succeeded in ousting the Prime Minister. The entire energy of this party was consumed only in bringing down the prevailing government and now the same task will be done by the previous ruling party which is now in opposition. This is the essential part of revenge politics whereby one group tries to succumb another one. They use police to suppress each other like in the previous government they used police as their personal servants to threaten opposition. Now if the current government also does the same then the national state would be worst. These are the things which government have to do but with only little hope in order to show themselves as different from others. The way they have the desire to become hero and claiming to become a hero; it happens at times that in order to become a hero someone ends up doing something good. Even if there is no sincere passion for serving community but this desire to become hero comes to use but at times it is very damaging specifically when there is revenge filled inside and there is no tolerance. They take the name of democracy but the spirit of democracy is not there. The relationship of parties are of extreme enmity and dangerous. Anyhow Pakistan is at a very critical stage and from before itself the basic needs are not available to the community. The first priority of Pakistan generation is to run away from the country. Those who have won and lost the majority do not have Pakistani passport; their children are studying outside, their properties are outside. They come inside Pakistan to loot but for spending they go outside. Whereas this new generation which is here are deprived and suffering. Every Pakistani is ready to run away from Pakistan for whatever reason and whichever country he gets an opportunity. These democratic governments and parties cannot make a new Pakistan; it is assured that in seventy years they have not done this and will not happen for another seventy years. This can happen only if the people develop awakening, sense and they become firm on that system of Imamat which Allah has established for them then a new Pakistan can be made; that too such a Pakistan whereby all those have gone away from Pakistan would like to return because Pakistan would become the best nation for residing, business and other things. But this dream is very far off but can happen and it depends on the sense and awakening of people. Till the time the nation have jugglers and tricksters this will not happen. 

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