Political Markaz - Brutal aggression continues in Kashmir

Brutal aggression continues in Kashmir

Brutal aggression continues in Kashmir

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Last week in Kashmir was very tough for the people there. It was full of martyrdom every day and daily 5 to 7 persons are getting martyred. On one small act from Kashmiris and they start to fire on the people of Kashmir cruelly taking advantage from the negligence of the people across the world. There is no one who makes this state of people of Kashmir reach the world.


In Palestine also this is going on where the movement of return to land is going on. They come on Friday to the wall, do protest and every week they get bullets from the other side of border from Israel. They give martyrdom and this barbarism is going one and the world is totally silent on this. It looks the world has given this impression to both Israel and India as a permission to carry out all tyranny and make these issues one side.


The plan which Trump management has made for Palestinians and they have shut down all aids for Palestine and increased the aids to Israel. They have ended all the aids and closed down all the offices of Palestine organizations in America. This is the policy of Satan. The same policy is of Arabs. At the same time when Israel is going on in aggression in Palestine the Arabs have rushed to compromise with Israel. They are racing with each other to get proximity with Israel. This is a shameless thing for the entire Muslim world and specifically for Arab world.  


The same grievous sate is there for Kashmir. The way they are crushed brutally and there is no reaction from anywhere. The Kashmiris have a long history with many ups and down. When an Intifada starts by a community to acquire their dignity, self-hood, they have to suffer a lot. They do mistakes also but they are compensated also.


In Kashmir after such a long struggle of 70 yrs, that state has not yet reached and since there were some gaps before, it is extended. The right path for people of Kashmir and Palestine is this. In the past they were depending on Arab states and others in Palestine which entangled them. Imam Khomeini (r.a) showed them the right way for liberation of Qod’s and Palestine to stand on their feet. They understood this trend, they detested from the plan and method of Yasser Arafat and now since long they are on the path of resistance.


The same formula is for people of Kashmir. It looks like that the people of Kashmir have adopted this path, but not sure if this is out of sense or not. But it looks like the people of Kashmir have held the standard of liberation in their hand and with trust, reliance on Allah they will continue this journey and this dark night of oppression will end. In the past the movements which have been there has wasted time. If they follow this path of resistance then very soon this nation will get freedom from oppression.


Kashmir is not an ordinary land, it is a historic land and not less than the land of Palestine. But in this phase the behavior of Muslims is shameful where they don’t raise voice. 






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