Political Markaz - British FM – Regime change in Iran is dangerous

British FM – Regime change in Iran is dangerous

British FM – Regime change in Iran is dangerous

May 18,2018 Comments Download

In United Nations, the Ex American representative at the time of Bush; John Bolton who is the Chief Security Advisor of Trump towards the end of 2017 gave a statement that in 2019 the Iranian system will end and we should prepare for celebrations. These three countries are heading in that direction only and are trying to bring changes inside Iran. They are applying sanctions on Iran whereby people will come under pressure, the necessities will become less, they will rebel against the system, they will be supported from outside and this way a regime change will happen. At present a meeting has been done in France between America, Europeans and Arabs; in that they have started to think seriously about a change in Iran as if they are feeling the change is very near. They are expecting a change in Iran very soon based on the restrictions they have imposed. In that meeting the current Foreign Minister of Britain Johnson has said that do not take such a dangerous step like bringing a regime change. He said that even though I am also supporter of a regime change, that the system of Wilayat-e-Faqeeh should end in Iran but the way you want to do is that to apply restrictions on the country, the people will do rebelling, the system will change and we will make a government of our own. He has warned that do not do this, this is dangerous. He said if you try to end the governance of Syed Ali Khamenei than I fear that the government of Qassem Soleymani will start. Then there will be more problems than Khamenei if Qassem Soleymani becomes the leader of Iran. Qassem Soleymani is the chief of the force which is meant for outside Iran. He is a very famous personality in media. The face that came up very much in the front in Iraq, Syria and they shiver with his name. What he says that it is possible that he might do a coup and take over the government.

It looks like that there will be a big change in Middle East that will take place. They want this change to happen in Iran as per the plans they are making. But the changes which seems possible and nearby 2019 is either Israel or Saudi or both will get annihilated. Donald Trump also wants to create such an atmosphere in Middle East. If Iran ends or Ale Saud ends it is victory for Trump in both ways. They arouse America to attack Iran and he arouses Israel and Ale Saud both to attack Iran. This is the situation which they have created inside Iran and are trying to do all possible things to start a rebellion in Iran. The way the Supreme Leader has prophesied that Israel will not exist for another 25 years. And Ale Saud is also seen to perish soon and only few days are left for them.

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