Political Markaz - BREXIT – America’s conspiracy to weaken EU

BREXIT – America’s conspiracy to weaken EU

BREXIT – America’s conspiracy to weaken EU

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One important news which is in headlines globally and everyone has their eye on it is BREXIT that is Britain’s Exit from European Union. Then based on this are the internal issues inside Britain. Britain was part of EU before and then they separated after a referendum. This is an American conspiracy to break EU. The EU was becoming a power and was struggling to get out of the slavery of America.

There were two countries in front; Germany and France whose leaders wanted Europe to have their own independent identity in the world and we should not be counted as those following America and not part of American forces. The way they proposed to make an EU NATO and not be part of American NATO. They proposed to make an EU Trade union. They had more orientation on centralization of power in Europe. This is a topic of sociology to study various societies.

If you do this analysis then British are the most corrupt community in the world. British are not everyone with white skin. They are people in Britain and there also there are various communities and among those one race is British. Like there are Irish who are not British and they hate British. England is a small state inside Britain. English people are only British and not Germans, Dutch and we should keep this in mind that all white skinned persons are not British.

The British are the most corrupt community of the world and the corruption, barbarism which the British have spread in the world no other tyrants have done this in entire history. They are doing all this till date. They are treachery, dacoits, deceivers, thugs and they do this with everyone. This was a treachery they have done with Europe by exiting from Europe. This is in their temperament.

They have now exited from BREXIT and now after exit, the contracts, agreements which they had with Europe, they will have to bear a lot against those. In order to deal with all these issues they have made this set of procedures with the title of BREXIT. The current government of Theresa May made this policy of BREXIT, and it got passed and then again it was objected and vote of no confidence was done in Parliament in which Theresa May survived.

At present Britain and Europe are in big problems due to this step. This step won’t remain only here and would move forward. With these steps of Britain a suppressed movement in Europe has again raised its head which was communalism. The Europeans, specifically the Germans and French are hardline prejudiced communities. Their liberal political leaders united small countries of Europe and made a Europe Union and made certain common policies, reservations and certain independence was also given to these small countries.

The formation of European Union was a big step in the history of Europe and Britain with its exit has created an obstacle in a big way. In reaction to this, the movements of communalism are coming up within France, Italy and Germany. Now instead of Europe becoming one nation, there will be various separations that will take place and might be inside France there will be various communities, similarly in Germany and Italy. These communities will then turn into separate nations. The way Britain has separated from Europe, now Ireland, Scotland and Wales want to separate from Britain.

The communalism movements are rising very fast in these Islands and the economic pressure in Europe is effective globally. Russia and China are ready to take benefit of this pressure, disturbance inside Europe and America also want to break Europe and make it weak. They don’t want Europe to become a big power, they should always remain under the dominance of America and the way it had been after World Wars, America has been dominating Europe and now also they want to deal the same way.

I will explain this in more details about these acts of formation of Europe Union and what all happened for breaking of Europe. And whatever happens in Europe is for the entire world. The European culture, model is effective across the world. The education, culture of Europe is the most liked one by Muslims. Whatever is happening in Europe would be inherited by Islamic world and the same will start here as well.

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