Political Markaz - Boris Johnson – Another Trump as Britain’s new leader

Boris Johnson – Another Trump as Britain’s new leader

Boris Johnson – Another Trump as Britain’s new leader

Jul 26,2019 Comments Download

In Britain the government has changed and Boris Johnson has become the new PM. We can say another Trump has come to Britain and their faces, hairs and color are also similar. It has been written in media that his ancestors were Muslims in Turkey and they did treachery in Turkey and then moved to Britain. He is worse than Trump and a very lowly person.

He is well known in Britain that he is a very abased person. The analysis which was done on European media about him, like what German, Spain, Italian media has written and everyone has unanimously written that he is absolutely non serious, corrupt person and very far from politics. Such a filthy person has never become the PM for Britain in entire history.

Many of his statements which he has issued before when he was the FM or in the party has come over in media as to what he has said about various communities, people, women from which we can see he is really a foolish person. You can find out his mentality and personality from what he has said about Turkish premier Erdogan.

You can see what wave is going on in Britain and in the world, where Trump and his likes are coming up in the world. Bin Salman, Trump, Boris Johnson and Modi are one category which are coming over the world rulership. He has said about Erdogan which came in media and Turkey put up case against them and there could be war with them as well. There are possibilities of three wars with Boris Johnson coming into power.

One with Turkey, other with Scotland where Scottish people hate him from before and consider him as an icon of hatred. Now there are many movements being forecasted inside Britain. For Turkish President he has said before that Turkish President has sexual relationship with a sheep. He is the person who has become the Prime Minister of Britain.

Turkey is a big respected Muslim country and Erdogan is their leader who is an accepted leader of Turkey and a big population of Turks are in Europe and he has said this. Such a person has come as leader of Britain. This kind of set has come up in global rulers who are all having same mentality. Bin Salman, Modi, Trump and all know who they are and this kind of comedian politicians’ governments are being made. When such a person comes in a country, since his ancestors were Muslims and he hates Muslims. He is a dirty person and is also ethical a bad person. This is a reality of these states.

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