Political Markaz - Bloody spring festival permission granted by Punjab government

Bloody spring festival permission granted by Punjab government

Bloody spring festival permission granted by Punjab government

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The Punjab government after coming in power took a first open discussion. The government is taking certain steps to just keep the people occupied; like opening the governor house though it does not matter if the inflation is going on. It is like when small children cry for something like toys, in order to take their mind off you take them to park or make them sit behind steering in car and the child gets pleased. This is the grading of Pakistan community as to what level of personality they are and they get pleased with what. Now the season of autumn is there, there is a festival and they fly kites which have strings coated with glass, due to which this string becomes sharp like blade. When this string gets cut in air and falls down on a moving motorcycle, it slits the throat in deadly manner. There are several people who have died due to spring festival amongst them are children, young and elders. The government had placed restrictions on this as this was an oppression on humanity as innocent people were being killed. This murder was of no prosecution and no cases were filed on anyone. This blood got wasted and no FIR is cut and government had placed restrictions.

First of all this spring has nothing to do with our culture. It is coming from India and various cultures do their festivals there which are not related to us. These are their religious festivals like Holi. Spring also has a religious background in India. Now in Christmas Muslims are more happy then them. Spring festival is in February and Norooz also we celebrate. The government has given permission for spring but might be later the court can put restrictions. When there are no laws, bills passed for people and people are facing difficulties in life, as there is no gas, commodities are not available so they have to keep people busy and not allow them to sit inside without gas, electricity. They have put the community behind kites. This is not a good message for the community, we have to make our people dignified and not running after kites. These are gifts of our government to the people. They are not making provisions for food, reducing bills of electricity, give them Gas. If you want to give a gift to people then not of spring but instead of good economy and living. You are putting them in all sort of troubles and then giving them permission of spring festival.

I remember at Hajj, one Maulana made his entire caravan sit in Aitekaaf inside Haram. They would sit in haram for 3 days, again do Niyyah for 3 days. He would not allow them to come inside hotel. When the Maulana was asked that you made your caravan sit inside Haram permanently, he said they trouble and complain when they come to hotel. They do not allow me to rest, sleep and keep on demanding things. So he explained to them so many virtues of Aitekaaf that they sat inside the Haram. He did all this for his own comfort so that pilgrims should not trouble. But the Pakistan community are very simple people, they won’t trouble the rulers at all. They will take the beating of batons, shoes and do not object, complain and you will not see such noble people. If you see France, they are the advanced, developed country but you can see daily people are coming out in Yellow vests and protesting because the government has increased some taxes by few percent. So they have left their work and have paralyzed France. The entire world is counting the days when the government of France will fall apart. But the Pakistan people are not like the French; we are simpletons and know how to adjust with situations. So now the inflations are on one side; and if you want to keep the people busy then start some other festivals could be cricket festival and keep all of them busy but spring festival is a murderer festival. This is a bloody festival which is a not a gift for the nation.

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