Political Markaz - Blind arrests of Shias in Pakistan

Blind arrests of Shias in Pakistan

Blind arrests of Shias in Pakistan

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The other issue that is ongoing in these crisis is the ongoing pressure on Shiite in Pakistan that is gradually increasing day by day. The way Shias are killed in Nigeria, Yemen, Iraq, Lebanon, Afghanistan. In Afghanistan there is brutal Shia killing going one every day. In Iran which is the center of Shiite is also under oppressive siege. In Pakistan also they are doing a lot of pressurizing on Shias. They are picking up people, stopping Azadari.  They are placing people under false penal codes. One thing which is going on since long, is to arrest some Shia active persons who are professionals. They are doing this regularly. In last week, two important persons were arrested from their homes in Lahore without any information. If there was some accusation, then you should take arrest warrants from the court, you arrest formally, take them to court and let them fight. Even if someone is unjustly accused and taken to prison, but at least the family knows where he is, they can send him medicines as some are sick. To pick people in such a secret manner, spreading terrorism is like an atmosphere created for Shias. All this is done on the basis of assumptions that these Shias are going to Iran, Iraq and Syria. If someone has done something, then there should be proper legal actions against them. This is a very bad act that is being done, that they arrest people secretly, they torture them brutally, and they make such persons accept crimes which they have not done. When you hang someone upside down, put him in hot water, make him sleep on cold slabs, pluck his nails, then he will accept everything you want him to accept. They should bring them to courts. This all will happen with Shias, and world will not accept them the way they want. The world has always tortured Shias and for Shias these are acquainted things. Shias are Baqiat-us-Saif they have survived from sword, prisons and the history of Shias shows this and these are not dreadful. These are all well acquainted things, and Shias should not get upset and worried with this. These things should make Shias more passionate, and this courage, passion should be there in Shias. If this is not there then he is not a Shia but actor.

Why all this happens? This is because when you go to the big tyrant Ale Saud begging for loans then they expect you to do something in return and their target is only Shias.  The most criminal tribe on the earth is Ale Saud and this government has gone on their doors to beg. They have openly announced that we will crush Shias openly. They have said Iran is our enemy and Israel is our friend. They have formed a 39 countries NATO and they are giving loans to you, so that you kill Shias. They have killed people in Nigeria and they are taking all possible steps to crush Shias. First they were doing this through rented forces made in the country of terrorists but now they are doing through government organizations. Bin Salman is a clear enemy of Shias and whatever he gives to you he will take in return. It is clear that they will not be able to end Shias since decades. They were not able to end Shias even from Hejaz. Qatif, Dhahran are still Shias; majority in Medina are Shias. Zia ul Haqq did everthing possible to crush Shias but he got destroyed. If the torture, attacks which Zia ul Haqq was doing on Shia Majlis, rallies and processes protests would have scared Shias then you won’t see these Juloos and Majlis which are seen today. Shias will not end like this. The Shias also have the rights and the protection which others have Shias should also have that. We do not say that Shias do not commit crime, but they should be dealt with justice. The day Mulla Baradar, an international criminal is released other Shia’s are arrested.

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