Political Markaz - Bin Salman will make churches in Arab world

Bin Salman will make churches in Arab world

Bin Salman will make churches in Arab world

May 11,2018 Comments Download

Since Saudi Arab is always in headlines and the new government of Bin Salman that has come. The politics he has adopted for the region and in country is very strange. Bin Salman has taken some joking steps recently. One thing which he has done is that he replaced the Saudi forces on Yemen border with American forces. These are private security forces of America. The way in our country we have security companies which provides security to Banks and other organizations. These companies just give a name sake dress to a retired person with a gun that never works. In one terrorist incident, this security person was questioned why you did not fire, he said first we are ordered not to fire and second is that my gun has no fire pin. This is the Pakistani security agencies but in America there are dreadful security agencies and one amongst them is Blackwater. These are not formal forces person but are big criminals belonging to various ethnicity. They admit such persons who are illegal immigrants in America like Latin, Blacks. These illegal immigrants are generally criminals, beastly person and through them they have made private forces like Blackwater. This agency provides services inside America and as well outside. In Pakistan also they were used during the time of Parvez Musharraf as he has allocated many tasks to them undercontract. They did a lot of crimes in Iraq and in many other nations. Now Saudi has rented Blackwater and other agencies for their security. They have rented these forces for internal security of Bin Salman as well to avoid any rebellion and for Yemen as well they have filled up entire border with these rented forces.

One more thing which Bin Salman did was related to Catholics, whose center is Vatican. He has done an agreement with Pope in Vatican that Saudi Arab with their own money will build churches for Catholics across the Arab world. They will make church in Saudi Arab irrespective of whether Christians are there or not. They will make churches in Saudi, Dubai, and Abu Dhabi, Kuwait and in all areas Bin Salman will make churches for Catholics. Saudi Arab has taken many other steps as well which will come later on in this discussion.

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