Political Markaz - Bin Salman under the noose for Khashoggi murder

Bin Salman under the noose for Khashoggi murder

Bin Salman under the noose for Khashoggi murder

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The big crisis in which Saudi Arabia is involved is related to the death of Journalist Jamal Khashoggi.  This journalist who was part of the Saudi government but then he went into rebellion, went to USA, took nationality and started to write columns, articles against Saudi Arabia. He was in the target list of Saudi Arabia. He came to Turkey for second marriage and went to consulate, where he was killed. Due to this the most severe pressure came on Saudi internationally. Some supported Saudi Arabia, amongst them the most support was from Trump that we are getting billions of dollars from Saudi Arabia and we will not spoil our relationship. The global media is aginst USA also in this matter. The Pakistan media is silent, and they did not condemn this killing. The entire world boycotted this conference in Saudi but our PM attended it. The Saudi opposition lobby also in Pakistan did not condemn it.

The world is yelling to the extent that his killer Bin Salman was pursued to say that we are sympathetic, he was brutally killed and everyone is grieved. This is the effect of oil and money in Pakistan. The oil is used to set fire, but Saudi Arabia has given such an oil to Pakistan that they have not expressed even slight sympathy for a journalist. They killed Khashoggi, and first they denied that he came to the consulate and left and said we don’t know. But the Turkish government had evidences in audio, video hence the denial was not possible. The Turkish government said that you better accept or we will expose the evidence. Then after 18 days, they confessed that there was a fight inside and he got hurt and got killed. Now one by one they are revealing. They by planning called him out of USA to Turkey. They invited him to consulate of Saudi in Turkey. He went to the consulate and he was again called after 4 days. This is the top news of the world and we should know this as to what is happening in the world which our filth eating media will never say. He went to the Saudi consulate again after 4 days, then on the same day 15 criminals came from Saudi agencies to Istanbul through a chartered aircraft. They took him inside on the second floor and killed him brutally. You would have seen the electrical knife which butchers keep today. They took the electrical knife with them from Saudi. They started to cut him piece by piece, fingers, hands, there was a live video call going on and Bin Salman was watching on how they were killing him.

Khashoggi is a big family in Saudi and they have a name there. They cut him alive in a brutal manner, then put him inside sacks and took his body to the house of Saudi Ambassador and dumped parts of the body in the gutter and took some parts of the body to Saudi as witness. All this was recorded which is strange. The Turkish government has shown these videos to America also on how all this happened. A possibility is that America is also involved in this and America has taken advantage of the stupidity of Ale Saud. If you see historically that Ale Saud are famous for the barbarism and beastly manner cruelty and there are books written on this cruelly. Turkey has this full story recorded and they are taking political advantage of this and even America is also taking advantage. Bin Salman and Saudi Arabia has come under big crisis. There is a big hatred going against Ale Saud across the world. Every leader of various countries are condemning them, they are calling them and criticizing. But on the other hand they are not taking any legal action to boycott Saudi Arabia, take them to international courts. This means America was aware about it. It looks like American agencies were aware about this that something is happening when Saudi Arabia is calling him to Turkey. They had plans to either take him to Saudi or kill him there.

This was the most foolish incident in history. Few days back three thieves went to a shop in Belgium early morning. The Shopkeeper said that we have not even got the first customer, please come in evening. They thieves left and came exactly came at 5 pm to the shop. Now you have earned so please give. He said that the shop will close after 30 mins, then you come and I will give you. He said I am doing the accounts, you come at 6 PM. Then they again came at 6 and police caught them. The social media is saying that they are most foolish robbers of history and they should be punished for foolishness and insult to thieves.

Bin Salman is also like these thieves. America and Israel are experts in such kind of targeted remote killings. They have got many personalities killed like this in Iran, Palestine etc. Bin Salman is a butcher family and they have made groups like ISIS, AL Qaeda outside. There are pictures released where Khashoggi in his youth age was with Taliban’s. This is the first operation Bin Salman did of this sort outside Saudi Arabia. He plays video games so he did that in the same style. He made a team under his command, in a film style, took an aircraft, got him into consulate and made a film of killing him watching it live. The Turkish agencies intercepted all the videos. Bin Salman is a stupid person and did this foolishly and this was because he was confident that America and others are behind him. They caught him red handed and now both America and Turkey are blackmailing Bin Salman. They are telling that you will be punished for this killing. They have shown him the options also to get out of this.

Trump said that it might be someone else who did this. And it happened and some other group took responsibility. But Bin Salman and America did not expose everything. The fiancée of Khashoggi was at the door and he had told her that if I don’t come out you call the deputy of Erdogan that I have not come out till 4 PM. This means Erdogan and his deputy, America were all aware about this. This means they wanted this operation to be done by Bin Salman. This was the first group that went under the command of Bin Salman and he was instructing to cut his bodies and for a passionate person this is a big thing. They caught him and now they are not telling him everting in one go. First they said you killed, they told them we have proof that you did this. They have accepted, but whether bin Salman did this or someone else. They want to do a deal with him. Trump has said yesterday also give money and your survival is in this.

There are three oppositions to bin Salman; EU. America and Turkey. EU is suggesting that Bin Salman should be removed from crown prince position and out of politics as he is ineligible and his brother Khalid bin Salman should be made the crown prince. In Turkey if you remember Erdogan became strong after a simulated coup by deceiving the army to come out for a drill and people came out aginst them as rebelling, and people bashed the army. Erdogan took big advantage of this, and cleansed all the opposition from the political arena and other activists groups. At some time Erdogan was a partner to Ale Saud and later Erdogan got connected with Muslim brotherhood. Erdogan is a supporter of Muslim Brotherhood and Saudi is aginst Muslim Brotherhood. Erdogan has said that in this rebellion against Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt there is a hand of Bin Salman also and Erdogan wants to take that revenge also. Turkey has their own interest against Bin Salman and Trump has his own interest. The hanging noose is near to Bin Salman and he is in trouble. He has been doing foolishness in Yemen and other atrocities they have got him into this issue as a last attack and have told King Salman that your son is gone and now you open the doors of treasure. America is taking advantage this way and Turkey wants to settle their accounts. Bin Salman is the dice now on the table; either he has to give away everthing to save himself or other thing is that he will go and if he goes the entire family will go.

And in this crisis situation Bin Salman is giving assurance to the Pakistan PM that we will give you something. This is astonishing that our PM says all politicians in our country are criminals and he hates them but you have friendship with the biggest criminal of the world. The politicians in our country are not at that level of Bin Salman; they are dwarfs in front of Ale Saud and Bin Salman; but you are not accepting them and are sitting with Bin Salman. The state rulers, media, social media are all cursing Ale Saud and you are happy that Saudi Arabia has given a big package.

We are sympathetic towards our rulers irrespective of what they are. Bin Salman is a big tyrant. He arrested the past President of Yemen who ran away. He then seized Saad Hariri whom French President got him out. Saad Hariri was not doing what Bin Salman wanted hence they seized him. One more Pakistani example is a person by the name Zahid Hamid, a very funny character looks like an alien. He speaks very openly, talk’s absurd things on various topics. He lives in that old age. He went to Umrah to Saudi Arabia and Saudi Arabia arrested him and issued a punishment of 1000 whips. Even if 10 whips were given to him, he would have died. Some people interfered and got him out. He returned back and no one criticized Saudi, in fact they made mockery out of him. The reason I am telling all this is because be careful when you are visiting Saudi Arabia. This family is dangerous, they can arrest you, besiege you and whip you. This would be very bad when some leader of Pakistan gets besieged in Saudi Arabia. There are many people who died two years back in Mina accident, the Pakistanis were happy that they got the land of Mecca for burial. So might be if Pakistani ruler gets arrested there, Pakistanis would be happy that our leader is in the land of Medina. This is a danger and you should be very careful when visiting Saudi Arabia. Our government institutes should be careful and avoid this family and if you demand anything which they dislike they can hold you and cut you to pieces. This is the situation of Saudi Arabia. It looks like some blood of innocent has made this atmosphere. First also many were martyred in Saudi Arabia but their blood did not show that effect, but looks like the blood of Khashoggi has shown some results. Everyone is trying to take benefits from this. Saudi Arabia is under a big severe panic and the entire Royal family of Ale Saud is tense that their power would end soon. 

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