Political Markaz - Bin Salman’s modernization of Saudi

Bin Salman’s modernization of Saudi

Bin Salman’s modernization of Saudi

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Another topic is the donkey Bin Salman and the politics which he has started. He is now on a tour to West. He is now in Spain, first he was in America for 3 weeks, than he went to France for a week, now in Spain. These western nations are milking him like a cow and want to squeeze the last Rial also from them.  He is now preparing for war and working on a disturbed political situation. On one hand he has disturbed the internal situation in the country and has a fear on internal rebellion for which he is getting rental forces for his security.

The map of Yemen war has completely changed. Yemeni’s have announced that apart from the two cities of Mecca and Medina which we will not touch and rest all the cities are under the range of their missiles. Yemeni’s are firing missiles one by one on various locations. Some missiles are getting countered by the Anti Scud missile system of America which is in place there whereas some hit the targets inside Saudi Arabia. There is a terror inside Saudi now. Bin Salman is arousing the Western nations to support them in this battle.

Inside Saudi also he is trying to do many things. He has said that we have spread this sect of Wahhabism with extremist ideology, Takfirist thinking and was intentionally spread across the globe on the instructions of West against communism. Now today west has told us to finish this thinking and now he wants to end Wahhabism and modernizing Saudi Arabia. The Imam e Kaaba, Kubani whose face is also disgraceful. He remained as Imam E Kaaba for long time and then he was removed for something he did. This Kubani did the inauguration of a Casino in Jeddah on the instructions of Mohammad bin Salman and he himself set there and played cards. Gambling is a big industry in West. The big billionaires put money in Casino’s. There was a news about Saudi prince who lost all his four wives in gambling. The Saudi owner of Hyatt hotelwhich is a five star hotel lost his hotels in Gambling. Imam e Kaaba inaugurated the Casino in Jeddah and gambled there. On the instruction of West he made Wahhabism and now on their instruction he is finishing them that too in such a brutal manner. This came in the newspaper in Saudi as well. Tomorrow there is a race of women on cycling in Jeddah. He has made dance clubs in various towns. He has now gone to America, France to visit the places of lust and gambling, which are global centers of corruption as he has to make a town in Saudi. He has gone there to see the models there. He wants to leave Dubai behind and has a slogan that I will make Saudi such a den of corrupt, licentious activities that people would not even go to Europe they will come to Saudi.

On the outside politics he is preparing for war against Iran, he has already expressed his support for Israel, he is buying ammunitions for the planned war. Whatever politics this donkey is doing is the sign of his destruction but after disgracing the Muslim Ummah and sacrilege of sanctities of Islam. This accursed tree will get destroyed but we pray that this destruction should not come at this cost where he sacrileges the Holy Kaaba and Masjid e Nabawi and without this happening this bad omen should get away from the Muslims.

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