Political Markaz - Bin Salman’s journey of foolishness

Bin Salman’s journey of foolishness

Bin Salman’s journey of foolishness

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There are other issues amongst which one is of this donkey Mohammed bin Salman who is doing a rapid journey of foolishness to sabotage the entire Ale Saud dynasty. The kind of foolishness bin Salman is doing is very interesting and entire world is closely observing his moves. He has visited America and given interviews to American press and in both of his interviews whatever he has said is highly shameful. One thing he said was that Israel has the rights over the land; this means if Israel has rights on that land then Palestine has no rights on it. He openly said that we have common interests with Israel.

In another interview with American magazine he said that Saudi Arabia and Israel have a common enemy that is Iran. This was published all over the world and even in most of the newspapers in Pakistan. It was published in news that bin Salman has said that Israel and Saudi Arabia have a common enemy as Iran and they have to together make a single strategy against Iran and they are coordinating with each other from all perspective. Another statement he issued was announcement of war with Iran and said that in fifteen years there will be war with Iran. He did not express any concern about Israel and in fact declared Israel as a friend and all enmity is against Iran as Iran is spreading terrorism. He said they are preparing for the war with Iran and for that only the alliance of 39 countries he made, rented Army Generals from other countries and Trump is arousing him for this war. This cartoon of media is preparing for a war. He is a person of computer games and since childhood he was an expert in playing games on computer and would beat the computer in the games. Now he has come in practical war whereby America has prepared him for the encounter with Iran.

One another statement which he has given which was also the statement of America which he issued. All statements were published in Pakistan as well. The waste of Arabs which we have taken is showing is ineffectiveness now. At times medicines are not effective, or when we spray on mosquitoes there is no effect. Similarly in the past the Arabs were giving a lot of money to media over here in Pakistan and they would write in their favor and our media never presented any aggression, oppression done by Saudi. It looks now that waste has become ineffective and our press, media is gradually publishing those news. They do not do analysis but are printing the news. All the statements which I am reading now are the ones published by Pakistani media. One statement issued was about Wahhabism and that is very important. Whatever this fool is doing is all on his own as his father is sick and has Alzheimer disease and we pray that Allah should not grant cure to him. In this disease his mind goes off for some time and he forgets everything and after some time again the nervous system comes to life. He was told that your successor has issued such statement in USA then he responded in a perplexed manner to confuse things and gave a statement in favor of Palestine. He tries to cover the filth of his son but it does not gets hidden.

I have also observed this in news that many opponents of Ale Saud are thanking bin Salman. It is astonishing that those who were staunch enemies of Ale Saud are thanking him. This is because these were the facts which were not known to the world but now from your tongue these are getting revealed and world is getting aware. But I think only in the end the Pakistanis might believe and that also is not guaranteed because even now they have prepared their necks for defending the Haramain. The Pakistanis’ are even now being fooled that all what bin Salman is doing is for the defense of Haramain. Our people do not possess sense. Haramain; that is Mecca and Medina are sanctitous for every Muslim in the world. Bin Salman and this family of Ale Saud is doing sacrilege of these sacred places and we wish if the Pakistani’s can develop the sense about the sanctity of these places as who are the custodians of Haramain.

Bin Salman has said that we have made and propagated globally Wahhabism on the instructions of Britain and America. He has confessed this on media that on their instructions we have made this school of Wahhabism and have spread on their instructions. This is being said by the Crown prince of Ale Saud and who is practically the head of Saudi Arabia now. This was also published in Pakistan media that Wahhabism is that vision which was spread across the world on the instructions of Europe. He also mentioned the reason on why this was done. He said Europe has told them that they need an extremist religion to counter communism to which we said we have this kind of religion. Then we have put state wealth on the propagation of Wahhabism across the world.

These are the filthy work of this family which they are themselves confessing now. Now he is under panic and very quickly he has done friendship with Israel. He has gone to America and visiting Europe, he is preparing for war. All this he is doing because whatever strategy he has designed considering all this as a computer game has been reversed. This is because there is no computer in front of him but instead there are experts, a leadership, a vision, a passion, a nation. He is not just confronting a Houthi tribe but it is the Yemeni nation with whom he is confronting. He was thinking that Yemen is also like a compute game, which I will beat and raise my flag there. He did not realize that there is a nation over there in Yemen and that too a self-respected, dignified and zealot nation.

They have ruined, destroyed Yemen since last three years and destroyed their entire infrastructure. That nation which is living on ruins; who do not have proper food, medicine and all their towns, villages, schools, hospitals are ruined. People living in such a situation launched seven Scud missiles on the Saudi Capital Riyadh in one day. A scud missile is of the size of a fighter aircraft and this Yemeni nation who has nothing, under state of war, with all restrictions has launched seven missiles in a day. This was the reason he rushed to America and Trump also in a meeting said something interesting. He said you cannot survive even for a day if we take our hands off you. You cannot even stand against Yemeni forget about Iran and Hezbollah. They also accepted that this is true and you should support us.  Bin Salman says that Iran is sending these missiles but these Scud missiles are made in Russia. Yemen is sieged from all around and it’s sealed. There is no aircraft that is landing in Yemen, the sea routes are closed so now they are not able to understand from where the Yemeni’s are getting these missiles. One foolish from them gave this vision that there is a tunnel made from Lebanon to Yemen. If you see the map then you can realize their foolishness as to how from Lebanon someone can make a tunnel to Yemen. This is the panic in which they are and want to leave everything aside and want to use Israel and American forces to fight against Iran.

All these are signs and those who do analysis of historical regimes ups and downs would have definitely reached the conclusion that this Ale Saud regime is on the downfall path. This falling down nation bangs its feet’s and hand this way; this is how the froth comes out from their mouth. But those who are mature do not to such things. They have put Iran under severe difficulties and a lot of sanctions have been put on Iran. But till the time Bin Salman is there it is enough to get the Iranians united. At present Iranians are undergoing a hard time specifically in economy. Iranians are as such high standard living people. The food and other things which the Iranians waste is much higher. As an example the fuel which Iranians consume as a nation with 80 million population is equivalent to the consumption of China which is 1350 million population. The bread which the Iranians waste has a created a complete industry of waste bread management and trucks carry these waste breads every day from every street. The culture of Iranians is that they eat rice and cook bread. When the lifestyle of a nation is such then when economic restrictions come up it becomes tough for them as compared to a nation having contentment. Like in Pakistan if there is no electricity they have no issues; they only need that much electricity which can charge their mobile. But other nations are totally dependent on electricity but Pakistani’s have no issue. The Iranians are under hardship but because of the foolishness of this person they have ignored all the hardships and have united against Bin Salman. The orthodox manner which Bin Salman is using and every step which he takes goes in favor of Iran. This is one sided attack only whereby Iran is not replying and is not active against Bin Salman.

The acts of Bin Salman is necessary for Pakistan to understand. Saudi Arabia which means Ale Saud has developed a sacred status in the minds of Pakistani people; not the sanctity of Haramain it is the sanctity of this family. We should separate this; you should consider Haramain separately and Ale Saud Separate. It is like Israel and Qod’s. Will Israel become sacred by occupying Qod’s? If Ale Saud has become sacred by occupying the Kaaba then Israel should also become sacred. Netanyahu should also become sacred like Ale Saud. You should keep the sacred places, their sanctities separate from those who have occupied them. It is essential for the Pakistani community to develop this sense. Ale Saud has all their eyes on Pakistan and frequently they send people for recruitment. The Ale Saud have this perception that the day we start a war or some internal rebellion starts against Bin Salman then they need Pakistani forces. At present the internal situation in Saudi Arabia is deteriorating and Bin Salman is controlling the situation with the help of foreign forces like Blackwater whom he has rented. They are eyeing on Pakistan that the Pakistanis will help and support them. Our leaders do also because when they come here; they say that the safety of Saudi Arabia is our safety; our veins, intestines are one only etc. Our politicians are shrewd as they issue these statements expressing the support of Pakistan and then they ask for Rials from them. They speak in their favor and they throw money. This is the politics which they have adopted and Pakistani community should be aware about all this. The statements which Bin Salman is issuing in favor of Israel and declaring an Islamic nation as enemy. He has allied with the clear enemies of Islam and still if the Pakistani nation is a well-wisher for Bin Salman then this is disgrace and humiliation for this nation. To have sympathy with this donkey is a disgrace for Pakistan community. This should not have happened but this happening and this something grievous for us.

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