Political Markaz - Bin Salman missing

Bin Salman missing

Bin Salman missing

May 18,2018 Comments Download

One news related to Saudi is that whereby on 21st April there was firing that took place in Royal place. They concealed the news by stating that some child flew a drone that came over Royal Palace on which the security forces there fired. The inside news that came out and some news agencies broadcasted that there was a fight inside the royal place. The most anxious news which is hovering all over media is that Mohammad Bin Salman has not been seen since 21st April and neither has he come over media or TV, there has been no meeting with him. At present the American Foreign Minister also has visited Saudi but he did not meet him also. The news that is going around is that Bin Salman has been wounded and firing was done on him and they have kept him somewhere where he has been treated. Such kind of news are moving around media that for nearly a month Bin Salman is not seen. This man was of media and was spending 21 hrs. on media daily but after 21st April he is totally out from media and none of his new steps are seen. The way it was prophesized before that if not now but a dramatic incident is going to take place in Saudi. America, Israel and Ale Saud is that devilish triangle which has decided to fight against Iran in Middle East.

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