Political Markaz - Billions spent in Marriage insults poor Indians

Billions spent in Marriage insults poor Indians

Billions spent in Marriage insults poor Indians

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One social issue which has come up in news is related to one billionaire person of India; the daughter of the richest person of India got married. It was a strange marriage in which 14 billion Indian rupees was spent on that marriage. He has done everything, invited celebrities from across the world. All this has come in news. There were 100 chartered planes which got guests, then food for so many days and all what happened. It was beyond imagination this much spending was done. You can note that India is the second largest populated country in the world. This marriage is taking place in that country in which around 200 to 300 million are below poverty line. This means they have nothing, no house, no means of life and nothing for medicine, clothing and education. They are all below poverty line and they do not have fundamental needs of life. Then above this there are those who are also poor and hand to mouth and somehow manage to live. In such a country, this social issue has taken place. This is common in India and there is competition in marriages of capitalists home. They created records that this was the most expensive marriage in the world in the country where poverty is at this situation. The culture of Pakistan and India is the same. The Indian culture is effective across the world. In the Arab culture also you can see the imprints of Indian culture. Africa is under the impact of Indian culture. In Iran also which is an Islamic country, they love Indian film actors more than any Iranian personality. Though the Indian actors have not visited Iran, then also Iranian, Arabs are their lovers. Their film industry is much advanced, technically as well as in other domains even beyond Hollywood. We can say they are super powers in film industry. You can go to Pakistan homes and see the impact of Indian culture on them coming through films. If we give an opportunity to these students, they will all have Indian film star style haircuts.

Then the Hindi gnostic is effective on the world. Thus what happens in India gets transferred across the world. In Pakistan also there is a competition to do the most expensive marriage. They have completion on everything between families, some at community level and national level. In my view this is an accursed thing and is against humanity and a tyranny. You have made such a capital by looting the country. The Indian government has made scams, scandals to make this person and his company strong. The current government of India has come to power with this company’s money and they have returned all the benefits by coming into power. If you have the capital then this should not be used for sucking blood of people. A country where people are dying of poverty; you spend 14 billion rupees there. The people are also happy, those who are poor who watch TV. The Indians consider immediately someone as God; some dances well, someone hits a six in cricket they immediately start to worship the personality. So when someone spends this much they start to worship them. There should be protests and stoning against this marriage like in France. Whoever has done this in history and what is being done should be condemned. This is the culture of capitalists system and how it is becoming effective. You have put 14 billion rupees to marry a girl. Have you not insulted the poor Indians, who have nothing to eat, no cloth. When you have come you become blind this way? On other hand, Allah has said that when Allah wants to destroy a community the affluent category comes up, who break all limits and then Allah destroys them. Giving permission of for homosexuality, adultery are all signs of destruction.

In the same India there is also a spiritual side of culture as well. The Pakistan culture cannot impress anyone in the world and not even Pakistan. If you make a Pakistani speak Urdu, they cannot as they are themselves not impressed with their own culture. If you see a Hindu Sadhu visiting somewhere in the world, people listen to them. This way there are other potentials in the culture. There are good examples of spirituality in India and there are people present even today who promote high values. The same Mahatma Gandhi was a dervish politician, just wearing a piece of cloth. He could have acquired big capital, farms but he spent his life in two pieces of clothes. He goes to Britain and does not eats their food, he takes his goat with him to drink its milk. Such people are also present in India and at the same time such kind of affluent people are also there. In this marriage, celebrities also come and was disgraceful for them to attend such marriages

Ameerul Momineen (a.s) made Usman ibn Hunaif as governor. He got the news that he attended a dinner, where there were no poor person. He scolded him and suspended him that how you attended such a dinner. These are human values. You know that Mother Teresa also came to India and see what services he did for humanity. There are many such good persons there but at the same time this activity of marriage which will spread in the world and as such, these things do happen across the world, where pomp and show off is done. In Pakistan they do rounds of firing in marriage. These are social crimes on the scale of social values. What is being done in the name of humanity? It is painful for those who look at the world from the perspective of human values. They are demonstrating this Firauniyat, Qarooniat in front of naked person. May Allah grant relieve to humanity from such oppressors who disgrace the people whether politically or economically.

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