Political Markaz - Bill Gates visits Pakistan

Bill Gates visits Pakistan

Bill Gates visits Pakistan

Feb 18,2022 Comments Download

By- Ustad Syed Jawad Naqvi

Bill Gates has visited Pakistan and he has given rewards. He is the owner of Microsoft and is 5th richest person in world. It has been told that he has played a big role in spreading Corona and he has come to Pakistan for Corona related discussions only.

Bill Gates has given two suggestions before to our PM, one was to give Chicken to people so that eggs can be produced. The government gave chicken and later it was found they were all cocks. He is a Software person and gave this suggestion. Another suggestion he gave to Pakistan to do develop using human feces. Our PM liked it and generally he makes a Task force to implement it but for this he did not do it. It came in news that poor countries can progress using human waste.

Such a personality has come to Pakistan and Allah knows what suggestions, ideas he gives. If a task force is made after he leaves then it means he has given some ideas.

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