Political Markaz - Bethat – Start of divine revolution

Bethat – Start of divine revolution

Bethat – Start of divine revolution

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Another event that is coming tomorrow is the day of Mab’ath, Bethat on 27th Rajab. This is also a fundamental topic of Quran and it needs elaboration and tomorrow there is a program in which this will be discussed. Mab’ath is a fundamental point of Quran and if I summarize this then Allah through Prophets and Holy Prophet (s.a) has got a revolution on this earth and in future also its axis is Bethat. The point where an uprising starts against every misguidance, Taghootiyat, ignorance and all forms of corruption is Bethat. The point from where divine movement starts is Bethat. Allah has mentioned Bethat in multiple verses of Quran about the Bethat of Holy Prophet (s.a.w.s). In Surah Jumah it is mentioned that Allah aroused the Prophet amongst the Ummiyeen. Ba’ath means to arouse someone for a confrontation in a full-fledged manner. Allah aroused, prepared the Prophet amongst the Ummiyeen and the Prophet whom Allah gave this method, is the beginning of a divine revolution in a society. The society whose systems are changed by Quran whereby disgrace, humiliation leaves that society it begins with Bethat. One Bethat is from Allah and is specific for Prophets and Messengers. Then this continues and the Prophets have to do the same with the Ummah. The Prophets are not meant to just do admonitions but instead arouse the Ummah. Allah has aroused Prophets and Prophets have awakened the Ummah from sleep, slumber and wherever the Ummah was clinched to ground. Wherever there is stagnancy and no Qayam then for arousing them is Bethat. To arouse the Ummah and preparing them for confrontation is the continuation of Bethat. When the Prophet got aroused, the Ummah got aroused and when the Ummah got aroused then the board of Taghootiyat turned upside down and a divine system got established.

The act of Bethat should not stop. Bethat is a continuous act, whereby one generation has to arouse another generation. Whoever is downtrodden has to be aroused so that Taghootiyat ends. We have made a simple picture of Bethat whereas Quran considers Bethat as a starting point of a divine revolution. May Allah grant us the same Taufeeq to the Islamic Ummah to come out of this disgrace, downtrodden and they get aroused and get the same position which Allah has destined for them.


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