Political Markaz - Beginning of Takfirist Election Politics in Pakistan

Beginning of Takfirist Election Politics in Pakistan

Beginning of Takfirist Election Politics in Pakistan

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In nationalissues there are many bitter incidents in Pakistan. One of the bitter incidents is that believers have become victims of incidents across the country. The news which has been more manifested was related to the Interior Minister of Pakistan Ahsan Iqbal who became a victim of assassination attack in his own ancestral region. As it has come in the news the attacker was the member of party Tahreek-e- Labbaik Ya Rasoolallah. It is the new group which has stepped in the political arena. The Interior Minister was hit by bullets but survived. This attack in itself carries a lot of meanings and analysis inside it. As we are aware that the elections which are about to come and if they take place on time which are not certain to take place. It looks like an interim government would be made and this interim government would be in place for a decade. This has been in the history of the Pakistan as well whereby one or two civil elected governments come up and then an interim government comes up which stays for some time. Similar things are being predicted by some now. There won’t be Martial law but with Judicial power an interim government would be established for a long time. When things would have become disturbed a lot then the government is given to the elected party. For several years one system works and then other system. Such kind of political predictions are being made. Whether elections take place or not both the situations are hard for Pakistan.

In the face of elections a new map is being devised and all have tasted the elections before including Shias. The Shias in Gilgit Baltistan also contested for historic elections and have done something which even future generations could not do. Similarly in Parachinar elections took place whose bitterness still remains. Similarly this took place in variousother areas. We do not look at theincidents but the current elections which are about to happen; unique form of designs are being made. We can say it the Takfirist politics that has come in ground and elections will be done under Takfirism. The dominance in these elections would be of Takfirism whereby everyone will accuse each other of being Kafir. Some will bring sanctities in the field of elections; some will bring patriotism in the field and one who does not votes for them will be betrayer of nation and obligatory to kill. Some will bring the religious sanctities in the field. One group will bring Khatme Nabuwat (Seal of Prophethood) in the elections and one who  does not votes for them would be considered as denier of Khatme Nabuwat that is the end, seal of Prophethood and then would be titled as obligatory to kill. Some will be supporter of companions of prophet and they will bring that standard; one who does not votes for them would be enemy of companions and hence infidel and would not be forgiven. This group already is present with the expertise to do this. The third group would bring the sanctities of Ahlulbayt (a.s) in the field of politics and one who does not votes for them is the enemy of Ahlulbayt (a.s ) and definitely they also have no rights to live. When politics will start with such extremism whereby one who does not votes for a particular party would be either a traitor of nation; some would be made enemy of Prophethood, some of Companions, some of Ahlulbayt, some of Quran. It is a natural fact that the entire nation cannot vote for everyone; they all have one vote or they should give the rights to vote ten times so that everyone can appease everyone. These many votes cannot be casted and everyone has to cast only vote and the one who does not casts vote to others he would become obligatory for getting killed. The life of every voter is under threat hence these elections are not like before. This attack that took place on Interior Minister was because the Interior Minister during the protests that took place made a comment. Since he is from the ruling government and amongst the front line ministers. He gave a comment that Khatme Nabuwat (Seal of Prophethood) is not the franchise of someone; it is the issue of all Muslims. This one statement was enough for him to be declared as infidel andout of religion. One who shot him also said that i got this instruction in dreams that I have to kill him. Now who all will see in dream to kill whom is a dangerous atmosphere that has been created in Pakistan.

This kind of situation has developed because the group that is in power in this country considers themselves as the absolute intellectuals and whatever designs they have done for the country has gone against the nation. All decisions which they have taken had gone against the interest of the nation. The decisions which Zia ul Haqq made and then more than that the decisions which Parvez Musharraf took ended in the descend of community, nation, religion and everything. They took the decision as well wishers of community. They started terrorism, then made plans to end terrorism. They pushed the nation into fire of seditions, they warmed up the market of Takfirism, made terrorism common and no one questioned them as to what they are doing. Now also they have done this whereby they have got religious segment into politics. First they were investing on political parties. 

These days in newspaper there is a news about a case. This is about the time when after Zia ul Haqq the government of people’s party came into power. Then to bring down that government some leading, peak army officers like retired General Aslam Baig who became the commander in chief of Pakistani forces after Zia ul Haqq. He is the criminal in this case and along with him is also another retired ISI chief Durrani. There is a case on both of them. This case was imposed on them by a known politician, retired Air Martial Asghar Khan who was the pioneer and head of Tahreek e Isteqlal. He made case on these two Generals that they distributed money from public treasury to  various politicians, authorities, officers in order to bring down the People’s party government. In that case many names of people even from this current government is there; the name of previous Prime Minister is also present that he has also given little amounts like 5 lacs, 20 lacs so that these politicians together can bring down that government and they did it whereby the government fell down.

I am quoting this example because in the past this work was being done by politicians. The politicians were given money to bring and make governments. This is what democracy is. For those who are drunk in democracy they think that Allah has descended democracy through revelations. The Prophet propagated democracy and our imams also gave all the sacrifices for democracy. They think that it was democracy that was announced for Imam Ali (a.s) in Ghadeer; on Ashura democracy was announced; Imam Hassan (a.s) did the treaty for the sake of democracy. Imam Sadiq (a.s) and Imam Baqir (a.s) were giving lectures on democracy. At present the Shia political parties and organizations have this strong belief that when Imam Mahdi (a.t.f.s) will come he will contest elections and since he is our Imam we will not allow anyone else to win. There won’t be any elections when Imam Mahdi will come and when Imam Ali was present he also did not allow elections to take place. Imamat is not democracy but at times certain things gets placed in our minds in such a manner that it replaces Tauheed, Prophethood, Imamat even though man has himself studied religion for 20, 30 yrs and there is no mention of democracy anywhere but after completing his studies he becomes a democrat.

This is also a miraculous thing in this world that man studies something and becomes something else. You can expect this in Pakistan that a student studying in Medical College can become a good engineer and a student in engineering college can become a good medical surgeon. If by studying Imamat in religious seminaries a person can become democrat then this can happen in Medical College as well. This is Pakistan and anything can happen here. Democracy is the name of this only; that is to buy and sell. This term of horse trading which came from West only means to buy and sell candidates during elections. This horse trading came to Pakistan and got upgraded to Donkey trading. In Balochistan there was an established government which was ended and new government formed. The total votes which the current Chief Minister of Balochistan got were five hundred from his constituency. The Senator which is made in Pakistan is there in news always was made by spending millions and later they also realized that he does not even qualify the age criteria.

This is the politics and this is what democracy is where there is drama. But at present the money is not distributed amongst politicians instead non-political groups have been bought into the field; those who don’t even know the language of politics. The moment they come on mic they lose their temperament and start to use foul and abusive language. If someone questions them as to what you want to do; they immediately shout that you nasty, disgraceful being talking nonsense. He is asking you a question and you are abusing him. Then the language and terms they use for scholars and other figures I can’t even repeat them. When such elements step into the political arena and the reigns of the nation are given to such elements then that is destruction. When politicians are trading that was one form of democracy in which the two Generals are caught in court now. The democracy that has come now in which there is no need to pay for politicians and only this useless talking group has been got in the field and they will make decisive elections. The attack on Minister of Interior is the beginning of Takfirist politics. If elections take place then this scene which is being seen will become more severe and extreme. This was not the first incident; some politicians were inked and some were hurled with shoes. These politicians deserve shoes but only one group has the rights to beat them and that are the masses, the people. It is the people whom they betray, they lie to people, misuse their votes and usurp their rights. The people have the rights to punish them but the Takfirist politics which has been designed is highly dangerous and may Allah protect Pakistan from these seditions.

There is a third dimension also in this incident; whereby the Interior Minister is also the Security chief of Pakistan as well. The army is under the Ministry of Defense but for all other armed forces like police, rangers, FC are all under Ministry of Interior. The Interior Minister is the head of all these forces and is responsible for national security and is the Chief Security officer. The one who has to give protection to the people is himself insecure. One person in his ancestral town comes with a pistol and fires at him just because he dreamt. Such dreams don’t come like this, they are shown and anyone can get such dreams. This is a point of thinking as regards to national security.

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