Political Markaz - Barbaric system of Nigeria poisons Sheikh Zakzaky, attacks protestors

Barbaric system of Nigeria poisons Sheikh Zakzaky, attacks protestors

Barbaric system of Nigeria poisons Sheikh Zakzaky, attacks protestors

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Last week in Nigeria there were again mass killing of the protesters. The Shia leader of Nigeria, Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky(d.a) who is captive of Nigerian government, wounded has been poisoned. He has been given poisonous food by which poison is spreading across his body. After tests by doctors this has been proven that such poisonous thing has been fed to him and is showing its effect and against this there are protests going on.

The Nigerian Shia who account to millions is the tree planted by this elderly person. There was no identity of Shiite in Nigeria and this elderly person did this. He came to Qom and spent very little time there and after recognizing truth went back to his homeland. As per Quranic verse; why should not then a company from every party from among them go forth that they may apply themselves to obtain understanding in religion, and that they may warn their people when they come back to them that they may be cautious.

If you want to see the objective reference of this verse we can see in this elderly person. He came to Qom, did Tafaqqahu of religion and then went back to his homeland and invited the non-Shia population of his country and transformed them and there are millions of Shias present and this number is not present in any other African country.

This is the outcome of the efforts of this elderly person and his companions. When this garden of Shiite was seen blossoming by enemies and specifically Ale Saud, then along with Nigerian government and forces, then as per their trend they did mass killings of Shiite. There were several times these leaders of Nigeria were being arrested and tortured. In 2015 a mass attack was done on them and multiple of their companions were martyred. His family and children were martyred, and from there he and his wife who were wounded were made captive.

His wounds have been still not been treated and on top of this they have poisoned him. There is a demand for sending him outside country if he cannot be treated inside. Iranian parliament has written letter to Nigerian government to send him to Iran. Many other intellectuals and personalities have written letters to send him out of Nigeria.

Many people from the world have demanded from Nigerian government to send him out. Many global organizations are demanding and the believers of Nigeria are demanding for his release for treatment. This week on Monday their peaceful protest was attacked and big numbers are wounded. On top of this more oppression was that the wounded were not admitted inside Hospital instead those wounded who somehow reached Hospital with shredded body, were arrested in that stage from Hospital and taken to prison. This is such a barbaric system in Nigeria.

The global media is absolutely silent and specifically in Pakistan media there is no news. There is no news in Arabic media and other global media as well. May Allah relieve the Nigerian believers and Sheikh Zakzaky from tyranny and destroy these oppressors.

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