Political Markaz - Ban on announcement of Crescent sighting news in Pakistan

Ban on announcement of Crescent sighting news in Pakistan

Ban on announcement of Crescent sighting news in Pakistan

Oct 01,2021 Comments Download

By- Ustad Syed Jawad Naqvi 

The WEFAQ cabinet did a meeting and two headlines came in news which needs explanation. The cabinet has put restrictions with one headline that personal viewing of crescent is a crime. It can be only seen by crescent sighting committee. When I saw the news , it was clear that they cannot take such a foolish decision. The minister of religious affairs is a sensible person and he opposes government decisions also at times. In every sect the viewing of crescent is a personal affair and everyone should see and is emphasized for sighting for fasting and Eid. The second headline was that no Personal Maulana or anyone can announce the crescent sighting. This is acceptable that announcing of crescent sighting cannot be done by anyone. In Arab states only government announces the crescent. In Pakistan every one announces and to stop this it is a good decision and is near to religious condition. But this is incomplete because when government announces crescent then some people announce that it has not been seen and this is also happening every year. This part is missing from this law. The second is thing that the same law is in Iran and we wish the Iran crescent cabinet should also announce the same, that only government should announce if the crescent is being seen or not. These announcements creates confusion when with the name of Marjae announcement is being done that crescent is not being seen. Due to this a confusion starts amongst followers of Marajae in the same house. People can act in accordance with their sighting but announcement can be done.

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